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Lingua Latina per se Illustrata has ratings and 48 reviews. Entirely I’ve finally finished ‘Familia Romana’ part one of two of Orberg’s Lingua Latina course . Lingua Latina, Part I has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. Thomas said: You need very little knowledge of Latin or the Romance Languages to comprehend the text. Hans ├śrberg’s Lingua Latina per se illustrata series is the world’s premiere textbook for learning Latin via the Natural Method. Students first learn grammar and.

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Guess one has to buy the CD for that. Ryan rated it really liked it Dec 28, I forgot to mention that there’s literature available for extra reading practice while you’re going through each chapter of the main books. It is difficult not to learn vocabulary by reading like this. I would again recommend the CD-ROM versions here as they allow you to practice interactively and give you the solutions right away.

Without a classroom, with the aide of exercises, grammar tests, and a dizzying amount of reading, I can now basically read latin. Pierre added it Nov 03, Stephen Davis rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Other books in this series.

Lingua Latina, Part I: Grammatica Latina I by Hans Henning ├śrberg

Lingka is gradually made more complex, until the student is reading unadapted Latin texts. With a little bit of story thrown in. The method has been revised a few times, including in andthe title now changed to Lingua Latina per se illustrata.

This book has been on my Amazon wishlist for a long time, so I found it an amazing luck. Lingua Latina helps you learn the language through context, through repeated reading of a story, and not through translation, so that by the end you should be able to read fairly fluently in Latin without going through the hassle of translating it in order to understand.


Training myself to read Latin fluently, left-to-right, lingau opposed to the “decoding” method instilled by grammar-heavy courses. Aso Mao rated it liked it Nov 23, The book teaches a good number of words and a good amount of grammar, which you start to understand naturally.

Lingua Latina – Familia Romana

Richard added it Jan 06, Before starting Lingua Latina II I’m going to switch it up a bit and power through a bunch of Latin readers, get some big chunks of Latin prose under my belt.

I’m the kind of person who progresses at their own pace.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Lingua Latina per se Illustrata The Latin Language Taught by Illustration is an entire novel written in Latin, complete with grammar sections in Latin and sidenotes in Latin helping explain the text.

Itai rated it it was linguz Mar 14, Latin is a largely useless dead language, but it is not unreasonable for anyone to develop interests in esoteric subjects as long as one is honest about how useful it is note that Latinists are often not honest with themselves first.

In the first day, I had a guy with no Latin background whatsoever reading very simple! What I will say is this: Cindy rated it it was amazing May 28, It should rather be laina as supplementary reading to a textbook written in English explaining all the various grammatical constructs in the language.

The other day I was actually wondering what had become of you, well, what you were doing. There’s no translating Latin into the student’s first language, “because we’ve always done it that way”. I cannot praise this book highly enough. Related ,ingua Let’s learn Latin! Italia in Europa est. I believe somewhere its approached is described as “intensely grammatical,” and that it certainly is.


For all those eager to learn Latin Prol3psis 25 25 24 14 11 Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mi Takashima rated it it was amazing Dec 27, You definitely need to get through the second book in the series in order to be able to move on to genuine works in classical Latin, however, Vulgate is readable after finishing this first book.

I recall reading the first chapter and being a little in awe both at how much I understood, and how well it is paced. The same site also has an online version of the more traditional Cambridge beginner’s course, should you really want to start with an English-Latin course.

I have so much to say about how awesome this book is, but instead I will point you to my review of Wheelock and say that Lingua Latina is everything Wheelock is not. Next, I will exhort you to check out the following resources about learning Orbegg, from which all my opinions are derived anyway and which is supported fully by my subjective experience: Toryn Green added it Oct 21,