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L’article passe en revue les différentes vitamines liposolubles et hydrosolubles, les manifestations de leur carence au niveau de la sphère orofaciale et les. Résumé Les carences vitaminiques peuvent être liées à une carence d’apport, à un défaut d’absorption intestinale ou à une altération de leur métabolisme. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations On distingue les vitamines liposolubles et les vitamines hydrosolubles. Celles qui sont liposolubles.

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Antagonist or synergistic interactions have been shown between vitamins A, D, E and K on their respective intestinal absorption i. Studies have variously indicated antagonistic, additive or synergistic effects of vitamin A in combination with vitamin D, occurring during hormonal ligand binding to their respective nuclear receptors and at multiple steps in cell.

In vitro experimental studies have demonstrated that vitamins C and E, the main dietary antioxidants, can interact positively, and this has been confirmed as occurring in vivo. However, the antioxidant effects of these two vitamins may operate within the context of vitamjnes integrating system relying on many other vitamins and nutrients such as b-carotene, lipoic acid and ubiquinol.

Any alteration, therefore, in the status of a single vitamin or nutrient could affect the status of other vitamin s.

Vitamines et oligoéléments en odontostomatologie – EM|consulte

It also appears that randomized trials aimed to investigate the protective effects of these hydorsolubles by using supplements could not take in account the complexity of these interactions. Vitamin E interacts negatively with vitamin K.

The mechanisms by which hydroolubles E interferes with vitamin K activity, especially blood clotting, are not known. The interference may involve metabolic pathways. Vitamin E may compete for the yet undiscovered enzyme involved in the conversion of phylloquinone K1 to menaquinone 4 MK-4, the most potent extrahepatic tissue vitamin K.

Vitamin E competes with K1 for the hypothetical cytochrome P enzyme that v-hydroxylates the K1 side chain, thereby preventing hydfosolubles b-oxidation and its removal for MK-4 formation. Finally, vitamin E increases xenobiotic pathways hydosolubles increase hepatic metabolism and excretion of all vitamin K forms. Les interactions vitaminiques se traduisent soit par des effets additifs, soit par des effets synergiques, soit par des effets antagonistes figure 1.


Les interactions entre la vitamine A et la vitamine D sont complexes. De plus, ces deux vitamines augmentent directement la production du NO Heller et al.

Ainsi, il est peu probable que les effets de la vitamine E sur les plaquettes soient mis en jeu dans les effets antithrombotiques de cette vitamine. Pour citer cet article: Les interactions entre les vitamines A, D, E et K: OCL ; 18 2: Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days.

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