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Lectures on Calvinism [Abraham Kuyper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive. Lectures on Calvinism. Abraham Kuyper. PAPERBACK; Published: 10/4/ ISBN: Price: $ Pages. Trim Size, in inches: X . Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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It must occupy its own place, on its own root, among all the other trees of the forest, and thus it has to honor and maintain every form of life which grows independently in its own sacred autonomy, Does this mean that the government has no right whatever of interference in these autonomous spheres of life? Give this book a read if you must, but keep your head on a swivel. Wellicht is het zo dat het calvinisme een opkomst van een gegoede burgerij betekende, die calvinistische normen als spaarzaamheid, soberheid, investeren en opoffering van het heden voor de toekomst, hoog achtten en daarmee tot een bloeiende samenleving leidden, waarbij er genoeg wil, talent en middelen waren om cultureel en kunstzinnig tot bloei te komen.

Lutherans and Episcopalians rebuilt a kind of altar, on earth; Calvinism alone dared to put it away, entirely.

The highest duty of the government remains therefore unchangeably that of justice, and in the second place it has to care for the people as a unit, partly at home, in order that its unity may grow ever deeper and may not he disturbed.

A world-empire neither cannot be established nor ought it to be. Not because of any hatred against priests, as such, not cqlvinism of any undervaluing of lecturfs saints, nor underestimating the significance of angels, but solely because Calvin felt bound to vindicate the essence of religion and the glory of God in that essence, and absolutely devoid of all yielding or wavering, he waged war, with holy indignation, clavinism everything that interposed itself between the Soul and God.

For it is true that, in Roman lands, spiritual and political despotism have been finally vanquished by the French Revolution, and that in so far we have gratefully to acknowledge that this revolution also began by promoting the cause of liberty. In a Calvinistic sense we understand hereby, that lectues family, the business, science, art and so forth are all social spheres, which do not owe their existence to the state, and which do not derive the law of their life from the superiority of kuypeer state, but obey a high authority within their own bosom; an authority which rules, by the grace of God, just as the sovereignty of the State does.


Results have shown that, even after the lapse of three centuries, in all distinctively Roman Catholic countries, even in the South American Republics, the Roman Catholic church is and remains the State Church, precisely as does the Lutheran Church in Lutheran countries.

Scriptures, is not the merely spiritual existence of saved souls, but the restoration calvinis, the entire cosmos, when God will lie all in all under oectures renewed heaven on the renewed earth. Calvinism as a Life System Calvinism and Religion Calvinism and Politics Calvinism and Science Calvinism and Art Calvinism and the Future In each one Kuyper shows how Calvinism as a world and life view has shaped and should continue to shape the world in all its disciplines.

The Calvinist upholds the highest and best in our aspirations by placing every man and every people before the face of our Father in heaven. A form of government like your own could not exist one day in China. A nation, consisting of citizens whose consciences are bruised, is itself broken in its national strength.

Calvinism has, cqlvinism, by its deep conception of sin laid bare the true root of state-life, and has taught us two things: Now for the mechanically coercing authority of the government any further explanation is superfluous, not so, however, for the organic social authority. I wouldn’t call myself a Kuyperian by any means, but I’d say lectkres my first trek into Kuyper territory was khyper it.

But in whatever way the form may be modified, it remains essentially the old Calvinistic plan, to assure to the people, in all its classes and orders, kuypee all its circles and spheres, in all its corporations and independent institutions, a legal and orderly influence in the making of the law and the course of government, in a healthy democratic sense.

We now come to sovereignty in the sphere of Society.

Lectures on Calvinism

A stick placed beside the plant to hold it up, since without it, by reason of its inherent weakness. In de tijd van Johannes Calvijn deed de drukpers intrede 16e eeuwgingen mensen vaker naar school en waren belezener. And among the Kaffirs and Hottentots of Africa, even a government, such as exists in Russia, would be wholly inconceivable. And if for this reason ” Lutheranism ” is of no account to us here, the general conception of “Protestantism” as such is of still less significance, because this indicates merely a negative idea, and is ledtures valued most highly in those deviating circles in which the breach with our reformatory confession has become a final one.

This right is possessed by God, and by Him alone. Sin has, in the realm of politics, broken down the direct government of God, and therefore the exercise of authority for the purpose of government, has subsequently been invested in men, as a mechanical remedy.

Over one hundred years ago, Dutch theologian, politician, and educator Abraham Kuyper delivered six remarkable addresses at Princeton University on the importance of Reformed theology in every part of our lives. To him, Calvinism is not just a theologically system but a life system.


And in both these spheres calvjnism inherent authority is sovereign, that is to say, it has above itself nothing but God. And this calvinis, of government is exercised by sinful men, and is therefore subject to all manner of despotic ambitions.

I do not speak of the family, for here organic, natural ties rule; but in the sphere of the Kuypsr I do not yield or bow down to anyone, who is man, as I lecturee. I don’t think this will be the last time I read something of Kuyper’s.

Roman Catholics can’t charge Calvinism with a failure to produce great music because they killed Goudimel in the St. Notwithstanding all this, I not only deplore that one stake, but I unconditionally disapprove of it; yet not as if cavinism were the expression of a special characteristic of Calvinism, but on the contrary as the fatal after-effect of a system, grey with age, which Calvinism found in existence, under which it had grown lecturws, and from which it had not yet been able entirely to liberate itself.

Rome perceived very clearly how liberty of conscience must loosen the.

The Stone Lectures on Calvinism

Hij lijkt niet in te zien dat religie een pragmatisch middel is voor het functioneren van een samenleving en niet dat God daadwerkelijk buiten het denken van de mens bestaat. Another must procure for him what he cannot procure for himself.

But it is equally natural that this unity is split up, where the individual life, in the process of development, gains in strength, and calviniem multiformity asserts itself as the undeniable demand of a richer development of life. Now this wide, comprehensive, cosmical meaning of the gospel has been apprehended by Calvin, apprehended not as a result of a dialectic process, but of the deep impression of God’s majesty, which had moulded his personal life.

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Lectures on Calvinism

See all of Dr. When therefore humanity falls apart through sin, in a multiplicity of separate peoples; when sin, in the bosom of these nations, separates men and tears them apart, and when sin reveals. See 1 question about Lectures on Calvinism….

And this mediatorship could be con- firmed not by us, but calvinim from the side of God, by the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit in the heart of the regenerated.