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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pioneer KRPM Inch Class High-Definition p Flat Panel KURO Monitor, Gloss Black at. I was wondering if I could get opinions on what would be reasonable to pay for a brand new (zero hours) Pioneer Kuro KRPM 60 plasma?. Everyone already knows that Pioneer makes the finest plasma TVs known to man , but with the KRPA they’ve stepped their game up even.

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Hi petemounce, I was wondering if you had come across the speaker cables?

Anyway if i was being picky – i would say sometimes i prefer a gamma of about 1. I’m capable of objectively seeing that the final generation models from each company are too close to kp until you get into voltage adjustments for black levels.

I’ll post here if that turns into a sale or not once I know. I am not responsible for any damage that transport incurs.

New Optimum Mode Automatically analyzes and adjusts audio and video settings based on content and room light. It’s still several years old. Apr 10, at Bank transfer verified in advance Location: Keep the plasma TV upright at all times during packing and moving and never ktp anything on top kdp it.

Oct 23, Messages: May 1, at Related Products from Amazon. The high price payed for the Elite Pro had to do with the fact that the Elite Pro was THE flatscreen king which also had an impact on other Pioneer Plasma models prices.


Current Value of a Brand New Kuro KRPM – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

He wasn’t asking about anything but a fair value for the KRPM, not the misconceptions of how everything available or recently available still pales in comparison, which is only true in the minds of the bitter clingers. If you mean for the TV, then, thanks, but that’s too low an offer.

I have updated the 600mm post: Apr 19, at I’ll take a picture of that, and post it here.

Expanded features, multiple user menus and detailed picture settings put the custom installer’s needs at the top of the list. Is there no chance you can find what the total hours figure is rather than the very rough guess you have provided? Apr 5, at 8: Apr 13, at 6: At a high resolution of x dpi, it is bound to offer a good quality picture to its users.

London, UK Advertised elsewhere?: In the 060m, I’ll not sell any of the items.

Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M 60″ 1080p HD Plasma Television

Suiting to the opulent taste of people, it is designed in a sleek fashion with 64mm thin body. 60m0 screen is extra fragile, so be sure to wrap it well. Apr 13, at 4: They are incredibly inflated now. Apr 12, at I do not think this will have any warranty.


Moving a large screen TV I recommend bringing suitable packing material and a van. ApsilonApr 13, ,rp of Pioneer’s KURO models display ground breaking black levels and reproduce the most vivid colours, resulting in an unparalleled level of contrast. Feb 24, Messages: It’s simply how much value you place in that pioneer.

KRPM – Inch Class (” Diagonal) p KURO Flat Panel Monitor | Pioneer Electronics USA

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This unique model consumes power up to W and weighs just Bedlam, Warrington, Cheshire Ratings: A note on transport Please remember that plasma screens are very fragile.

Hi Petemounce, I can understand your point of view, but please take note most prospective buyers will not be using these cables as they will be using a dedicated amp and speakers. GMAN40Apr 19, Jeez lol Your anti Kuro attitude knows no realistic boundaries.

People, who have missed a glimpse of this hi-fi model at the Computex Taipeineed not to worry as it is going to be released in the end of June The item is near Southampton.