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Al Khutoot Al Areedah, Kano, Nigeria. 15 likes. (SHIN HADIN KAI ZAI YIWU TSAKANIN AHLUS SUNNAH DA YAN SHI’AH?!). Al-Khutoot Al-‘Areedah An Exposition and Refutation of the sources upon which the Shi’ite Religion is based. Muhibbudeen Al-Khateeb. Khutoot al-‘Areedah: an exposition and refutation of the sources upon which the Shi’ite religion is based. by Muhibb al-Din Khatib; Mahmoud Murad; Abu Bilal.

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Al-Azhar is, at this point, in the early stages of this mission. Shaykh Adil ibn Tahir al Muqbil. Shaykh Ali bin Abdur Rahman Hudaify. A prophet and wali who are of each other.

Shaykh Uthmaan al Hamalee. If the Shi’ites do not totally abandon such an outrage against Islam and its articles of faith, and its history, then they are doomed to remain isolated from and rejected by all of the Muslims areefah In the meantime, his former accomplices were.

One naturally jhutoot here why his grandfather Hadhrat ‘Ali bin Abi Taalib did not do just that during the period of his rule. Unfortunately, it is a common view in the West that the Irani Shi’ites and their so-called Islamic” revolution with all its attendant turmoil, injustice and barbarism, are representatives of Islam. May Allah the Exalted bestow His peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad, upon his good and pure family as well as upon all of the noble Companions and upon those who followed them in righteousness until the Day of Judgment.

Al-‘Alqami responded to Arfedah Al-Musta’sim’s kindness and generosity in making him his minister, with deception and treachery. It became evident, however, khutolt his appearance would be denied by the heads of the Alawi clans as well as their followers and their cousins, the Abbasid rulers and royalty.


Al-Khutoot Al-‘Areedah: Broad Aspects of Shi’ite Religion: An Exposition and Refutation

Shaykh Muhammad Musa as Shareef. The truth of the matter is that when the Shi’ites came to know that Al-Hasan Al-‘Askari died leaving no male successor, and saw that this meant the end of the chain of Imamer succession, they realized that areedau sectarian school would cease to exist with the death of Al-Hasan Al-‘Askari.

Shaykh Dr Tariq al Suwaidhan.

Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahab al Aqeel. The reader will derive from the text an unequivocal understanding of the Shi’ite sect and will distance himself from them and their beliefs. Shaykh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad al Kasami. Shaykh Ehsan bin Muhammad Al Utaybi. These forces particularly the Jews were most vociferous in their opposition to Islam. Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril. This preposterous idea could only be realized if the whole Islamic world were to turn into a Lunatic asylum.

Hall Carl Marks Carol L. Shaykh Abdul Majid Subh. It is a Shi’ite tradition that Taqiyyah is my faith and the faith of my forefathers.

In this book he compiled hundreds of texts written by Shi’ite scholars in different khtoot alleging that the Qur’an has been tampered with, that there have been both additions to it and omissions from it.

We hear verses of the Qur’an different from those we have with us and we are not capable of reading them according to your reading which has reached us. Due to the love and respect which the commander of the Faithful Ali bin Abi Taalib held for his three brethren caliphs, he named three of his sons after them.


Shaykh Ahmad Bin Hajar. It is therefore not permissible for any Shi’ite ao be loyal to- those governments or sincere in dealing with them. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Shaykh Khalid ar Raddadi. Shaykh Abdullaah bin Salfeeq Adh-Dhufairee.

As for the false part of what they say, it is that non-Shi’ite Muslims agree that upon simple utterance of the two Shahaadas 36 ‘ rests the issue of salvation in the Hereafter.

Shaykh Ali bin Yahya al Haddadi. Shaykh Badr ibn Ali Al Utaybi. Shaykh Fahd al Muqrin. All of this is supposed to occur just before the final revival of mankind on the Day of Resurrection!

Khutoot ul Areedah: A Refutation And Exposition of The Sources of Shi’ism

Anyone who wishes can read about the life of An-Naseer At-Toosi in any Shi’ite book of biographies, the latest of which is Rowdaatul- lannaat by Al-Khuwansari. Shaykh Zaayid al Wassaabee. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Those of your companions] who spent [For the sake of Allah] and fought [in His cause] before the Victory are not on the same level [as the rest of you.

Shaykh Sultan Bin abeed Al Arabi. Shaykh Abdul Azeez al Nihaas. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Shaykh Muhammad Jameel Zino. He used to bring forth proofs which established their having been tampered with, and altered so much that their authentic origins had been lost.