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DIESEL ENGINES I for ship propulsion and power plants FROM 0 TO kW . Year: Language: english. Author: Kees Kuiken. The Diesel Engines: for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants [Kees Kuiken] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is Edition. 3 results for Books: “Kees Kuiken”. Product Details. The Diesel Engines: for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants. by Folkert Kuiken and Kees Hengeveld.

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Marine Tracker Tracker Archive. Scanned pages Number of pages: The task of completing this book could not have been accomplished without many substantial contributions by a considerable number of companies both in The Netherlands and abroad.

These companies each in their own manner have contributed to the realisation of this edition by allowing interviews and providing photo-material and technical information. It is impossible to single out any specific company.

The diesel engine is indispensable for road haulage, inland shipping, aquatics, electric power emergency systems, agriculture, and passenger transport by road or rail, oil and gas industry and various other industries. We have chosen to make use of many pictures accompanied by a written explanation. Much highly in-depth technical theory has been omitted as these topics are covered by specialist books available on the market; these topics include thermodynamics, vibrations, materials, and electronics.

We, at Target ,uiken Energy Training diezel opted for a more practical approach. This includes ample information with respect to the construction of engines, use of materials, various engine categories, maintenance, repairs, and the use of engines. Much attention has been paid to the choice of proper graphic material.

This, in our opinion, is helpful for the reader to gain insight in the various subjects. Diesel Power Plants Diesel Power Plants 18 Diesel Power Plants 19 Ship propulsion 20 Transmission gears, flexible couplings, shafts, propeller shafts and generators 21 Diesel engine manufacturers 22 Engine emissions 23 Calculating fuel and lubricating-oil consumption 24 Egines systems: Fuel and lubricating-oil 25 Operational management and automation 26 Reconditioning engines and their parts 27 Maintenance and repairs vibration dampers, shafting and 28 Casting of engine parts shaft generator drives 29 New fuel developments 30 Bedplates and engine alignments, gearboxes, 31 Propellers 32 Regulations for propulsion engines, classification separators repair and damage Electricity is generated by diesel power plants in most parts of the world.

This includes mobile floating power plants.

STORE by Chalmers Studentkår РDiesel Engines Part I & II

Fuel and kdes separators International Maritime Organization Germanischer Lloyd On the left; the gensets and on the right the turboblowers with the exhaust-gas pipes on the engines. Manufacture of a floating-diesel power plant.

A floating diesel-power plant or power barge travelling to its final destination. At the front; the electric distribution section with the transformer, switches and pylons for connection to the high-voltage kujken on shore.


Left of the engine room the air-inlet filters, with right the exhaust-gas lines and sound dampers. They are located mainly on islands, in remote areas and often in regions with poor or nonexistent infrastructures, for instance in the tropics or in developing countries.

Four-stroke high-speed diesel engines operating on. Four-stroke medium-speed diesel engines operating on H. Two-stroke low’-speed crosshead engines operating on H. Floating diesel power plants with four-stroke trunk piston- or two-stroke crosshead diesel engines operating on H. Mobile gensets installed in a container with four-stroke high-speed diesel engines, operating on M. The return on capital expenditure is only acceptable when operating at full load. This occurs in projects for large infrastructures, special events or following major natural disasters.

In these situations large emergency generators are used. These comprise diesel gensets placed in containers. This is also applied on a smaller scale with a single genset providing electricity. A transformer station fed by diesel gensets.

Many countries with diesel-power plants, such those found in developing countries, only have an electricity grid in densely populated areas or areas with a high electricity demand. Here the transformers are fed by the diesel gensets increasing the voltage from 13, tovolt. The investment per kilowatt hour is much lower than that of traditional power generators such as steam- and gas turbines.

At partial load with an installation comprising several engines, a certain number of engines are switched off, so that the remainder operate at full load. Thus the total efficiency for the generation of electric power remains high. The efficiency for the generation of electric power using steam- and gas turbines at partial loads is extremely low. Operating and maintaining gas- and steam turbines requires highly skilled personnel.

This is to a lesser extent applicable for the maintenance of diesel engines. Maintaining diesel engines is relatively inexpensive.

The stand-by genset is automatically started with a power failure of the mains. These diesel gensets can be started within several seconds and immediately operate at full dirsel. A diesel power plant of MW is large. Some disadvantages of diesel power plants – Relatively high exhaust-gas emissions. A total efficiency graph for the various engines and engine combinations up to 50 megawatt shaft power.

Diesel Engines II – Kees Kuiken [, PDF] :: Marine Tracker

They are used to generate electricity locally for various purposes: The number of revolutions per minute kuuken usually anddepending on the frequency 50 or 60 Hz. For the slightly larger engines the number of revolutions is lower. However, at approximately revolutions or less, there is the use of heavy fuel oil is possible.

This is cheaper than diesel oil. The engine types used often fall in category II.


A In diesel-power plants, four-stroke medium-speed diesel engines are often used. Shown, kiuken eighteen-cylinder V-engine. Considering weight, size and capital cost this is the best choice xiesel two in-line nine-cylinder engines have a similar maximum output, but are heavier, take up more space and capital cost is higher. With the use of light diesel oils M. The high-speed high-load diesel engines used for gensets are usually arranged in V-shape. They arc compact and relatively light and are mounted either in a fixed or flexible manner on a steel frame and can immediately be positioned on the factory floor.

Diesel Engines I for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants Kees Kuiken 2008 HB

In the gas- and oil industry, many high-speed diesel gensets are set up on locations that lack natural gas for operating gas-engine gensets.

The total power output varies from several megawatts to over ten megawatts. A high-speed four-stroke diesel genset with its own generator cooling. In the foreground the electric generator with its own air-cooling system. Offshore, for instance gas and oil platforms, complete sets are often substituted during major maintenance, so as little work as possible needs to be done on location.

This is cost effective. These plants have a total capacity of up to – MW. To reach these capacities, several dozen of sixteen or eighteen cylinder V-engines with large cylinder bores are installed. A fuel treatment and supply system is an integral part of the installation.

The large amounts of fuel are delivered by pipeline, ship or fuel tankers and stored temporarily in the storage tanks, enough supply for several days of consumption. A The entrance to a large diesel power-plant in the tropics. Here near Mombassa, Kenya. Left the plant and right the electric distribution to the high-voltage grid.

A high-speed four-stroke genset running on diesel oil for electricity generation.


The frame can be easily positioned on the shop floor. Reply Toggle Dropdown Quote. Hey, where can download this ebook by torrent?

Full book in new release https: I’d like to download this book. The Part II link is dead. Could anyone pleaseeee reupload this book. Part I was superb. Reply Display posts from previous: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls kuikenn this forum You cannot attach files in this forum You cannot download files in this forum.

The time now is: Video for Marine Engineers. Technical Books Not maritime. Diesel Engine Transient Operation: