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JVC AV-PE User Manual • Av-pe, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) • JVC Projectors. Download JVC AV-PE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display: sharp, high contrast text and superbly clear still and video images. Also known as. AV P AVPE.

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Insert the SD card 2. Moniteur LCD Ordinateur 2.

More than lines Horizontal: Screw for adjusting angle LCD monitor av-pp960e mounting 3. Adjust its angle when For receiving signals from the remote control unit.

Howeveryou must not use any materials av–p960e by copyright law without the owner’s consent. Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. E – 15 Page: Howeverdepending on the object and the camera settingit might be out of focus. Built jbc in SD Card Slot SmoothHigh Resolution Images The storage of the camera imagethe output Exif for – XGA output with high frame rate of 20 fps enabling mat of camera image captured by digital still camera smooth high resolution image display.


JVC AV-P960E Manuals

Der Aufnahmebereich entspricht dem A3 – Querformat x mm. Turn the camera head towards the object 1. The indicator lamp blinks rapidly to indicate that operation is not possible. The camera head and the interior of camera arm may be damaged if excessive force is applied.

Thereafteruse a piece of dry cloth to wipe off the water drops. The lighting source changes whenever the button is [ AUTO ]: When the button is pressed again while the indi – If this button is pressed continuouslythe image cator lamp is light upthe indicator lamp will go offstill will stop enlarging at the optical zoom tele end image will be released and the moving image will be re – and thereafter digital zoom will be activated.

Objectif gros plan 3. Adjusting lighting Adjust such that the portion of the object to be captured is evenly lighted.

Page 5 of JVC Projector AV-PE User Guide |

Vous pouvez enregistrer 3 images. SD card is sold separately 16x Optical Zoom lens 12xextensible arm 1.

Close – up Lens Pull out this handle to carry the unit. F – 18 Page: Dans casvous devez ajuster le focus manuellement. Refer to instruction uvc of the computer for the downloading Example When using Windows XP method.


Extending the camera arm Hold down the lower portion of the camera arm or the unit firmly while holding the upper portion of the camera arm and slowly extend the camera arm until it reaches its maximum position and stops. SD logo av-p960r a trademark.

Das SD – Logo ist ein Warenzeichen. E – 12 Page: Le ton semble incorrect. Place a piece of white paper on the stage 2. Shift to top 3. Verringert die Helligkeit des Kamerabild. Otherwisethe data in the card may be corrupted or this unit av-p960 not function properly. F – 15 Page: When operating the but – pressed.

It may be damaged by static charges produced.