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Isabelle Stengers’ work on Whitehead was a long time in the making — as a work on Whitehead’s work, as an outcome of her thinking with. Thinking with Whitehead has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. as both introduction and erudite commentary, Isabelle Stengers one of today s leading philosophers of. THINKING WITH WHITEHEAD A Free and Wild Creation of Concepts ISABELLE STENGERS Translated by Michael Chase FOREWORD BY BRUNO LATOUR.

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As early as September 23, he gave his first philoso- phy class, which, as he was to observe, was also the first one he ever attended.

May Stengers’ rendering of such an alternative congregation of thought for a new future of civilization steer us toward a more peaceful, polite, and less viciously violent vision. Even when an argument is taken up again, its meaning changes, and the readers must thinkin the experience of this change.

Full text of “Isabelle Stengers – Thinking With Whitehead (Foreword & Introduction)”

Stenegrs far as the twelfth camel added to the inheritance is concerned, it illustrates the efficacy proper to the specula- tive proposition. At whhitehead end of Process and Reality, the same author seems to have ex- ploded all the limits that modern good manners impose upon thought. Both these forms of organization lead to “the most risky interpretation” of empiricism as that which makes things hold together, neither crushed nor torn apart. Living actuality is not a given, but an achievement won at the cost of alternatives, and maintained at the cost of the robbery of other actualities of their life.

I have always felt that Whitehead-watching had a lot to do with whale-watching as it is practiced, wih instance, on the coast of San Diego in the winter.

The speculative operation attempted by Whitehead could well be more relevant today than it was in his day, because it breaks with the claim to anonymity that inhabits us and constitutes us, still and again, as “the thinking head of humanity.


As I have already emphasized, we have practically no biographical stengres that allows us to tell the story of how the person of interest experienced this itinerary. Far from psychologizing everything, Whitehead sees in James — and especially in his celebrated essay on consciousness — the thinker who has ended all the pretensions of the mind. The God conceived by Whitehead, and affirmed by the blind man Ork, thus earned him an improbable survival through the intermediary of American theology.

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Cambridge University Press, ], This is the question of pragmatism. How to overcome the bifurcation of nature? She demonstrates that the implications of Whitehead s philosophical theories and specialized knowledge of the various sciences come yoked with his innovative, revisionist take on God.

Fill in wuitehead details below or click an icon to log isabellle It does not easily meditate upon the activities of fundamental bodily functions. Kristen Case rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Therefore, she introduces the meaning and function of the Whiteheadian organization of organisms — each event being a “social effort, employing the whole universe” — and the organization of thought the obligations of speculative philosophy — correcting the initial surplus of chaotic subjectivity This is why Whitehead can write that the interest of the speculative scheme he has constructed resides in its applications, in the transformations it carries out in our ways of explaining or characterizing our experiences.

For them, with them, and in front of them, he was to discover and explore the unexpected wit tions of the questions on which he had meditated all his life.

From this viewpoint, one could say that today, at a time when it has become impossible to ignore the consequences of this progress, worrisome to say the least, Whiteheads thought finds an actuality it lacked in its own day To be sure there has been innovation, but also rarefaction of those who, still ,n Whitehead s time, took the time to think.

Thinking with Whitehead

The words of a dragon, surging forth from the depths of the ages, as- sociated with the neutrality of one for whom epochs, importances, and arrogances succeed one another, but also words of trance, come from nowhere, able to rout Grendel, who has declared war on the poet’s tale- spinning: The two parts of the book roughly bring to light the development of Whitehead’s thought and its shifting points of gravity, circling around two of its major developments.


Notify me of new comments via email. Teilhard was a scientist at least in this bookand left such speculative statements to the metaphysician. Yet what, one will ask, does Whitehead suggest? The inheritance now counted twelve camels: His existence does not precede nor predict future actualizations.

Stephen Williamson marked it as to-read May 25, And how could one take seriously, as a quasi-contemporary, a book that ends with the grandiose r i. Deleuze, Whitehead and Process. For instance, the question raised by the speculative construction of God, required by Whitehead, does not imply the existence of this God.


It is to make thought insepa- rable from the problem of “how to think” that obliges this thought. Only the last few chapters on God are incomprehensible to me. The three brothers nevertheless decided to try to avoid the war, that is, to wager that a solution couid exist.

Ethics is not a consequence of Physics, if the physical be conceived abstractly as though made up of vacuous actualities devoid of experience and self-enjoyment. Ryan marked it as to-read Jul 28, Nor is anyone supposed to be unaware that GddePs famous theorem sounded the death-knoll for this undertaking. Alfred North Whitehead in 20th Century Philosophy. It is in the text itself with one exception: This is one of the most difficult books I have ever attempted to read even though Stengdrs have been reading Whitehead off and on for at least 55 years.