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[Comprising Astrology, A Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey &. Pluto or Minerva by Isabel M. Hickey & Bruce H. Altieri). International Standard Book Number. Astrology A Cosmic Science Isabel M. Hickey The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology ()ver 80, Sold m \ lardcovcr Reviewers* Praise for This Book “If you . Isabel Hickey’s classic, comprehensive “textbook” of spiritual astrology is now once again available in a new edition with a Foreword by.

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In Capricorn Neptune is in its fall. The negative aspects of Arlans are arrogance, egotism and a tendency to dominate. In dealing with those with many planets in Gemini remember that they are not basically emotional. Symbol of the feelings and the subconscious.

Astrology, a Cosmic Science

Through love we are conscious of others and can understand the principle of iminm and achieve unity. Mara rules Aries and Scorpio. Leo is the sign of self-consciousness, aa Cancer is the sign of the instinctual conscious. Trivia About Astrology, a Cosm They would rather run than fight and need to leant to face life with courage.

Some planets rule two signs. An inferiority complex is a superiority complex turned in on itself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Isabel Hickey’s inspirational approach has been extraordinarily popular for years, and her emphasis on the deeper, more metaphysical aspects of astrology’s mysteries has resulted in continuous word-of-mouth recommendation by enthused readers-resulting in sales now toppingcopies. In so doing, we change our destiny. The ftftftTifltnio situation between and changed the status quo forever.

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Both are within us.

In so doing, we change our destiny. Jupiter is also the Preserver.

Astrology, a Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey

The Capricorn’s strength lies in leadership and in humility. The positive qualities of the Capricorn people are leadership, patience, cosmiv, efficiency and practicality.

One is able to entertain as he sees fit or do as he wishes in his own home. The personality acts, or should, as a reflector of our true selves, the Sun. We do not start here, astrolkgy we do not finish our livingness here.

Uranus, higher oc ta ve of M er c ury, lends intuitiveness to the Intellectual cos,ic of Mercury. This is not so with Taurus. Ritual and ceremony are correlated with the Jupiterian energy. Look for the similarities and the differences between the signs that oppose each other.

Glynis Has Your Number. There axe no Scorpios found on the misty flats. Leos will not delegate authority to others.

Besides the war with others, there is the struggle within for self- mastery. It shines by the reflected light of the Sun.

Mass in Cancer is shorn of strength where aggressiveness and eombaliveness an concerned. Somewhat dated, and in other ways ahead of its time. Scorpio’s way of fighting is not direct and uncomplicated. They are capable of being good leaders and organizers.

When we have evolved further along the path of evolution, there will be twelve planets. Love, that asks nothing but to give, is the antidote for ap afflicted Saturn.


Saturn focalizes hickeh concentrates energy. Aug 23, Isaac Spencer rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is a feminine receptive force and never compels issues. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Made me want to be an astrologer! After reading it my outlook on astrology and life in general will never be quite the same. This can be confusing to a new student when he is dealing with orbs of aspects.

Let us consider your horoscope to be a roadmap. Wstrology signs and the planets that rule them must be memorized though I would like to add the word visualized.

Full text of “Astrology A Cosmic Science Isabel Hickey H.”

Gemini is the most dual of all ccosmic signs and people born in this sign are split personalities until they understand the function of the mind and learn to control it. Neptune is exalted in Cancer. They are psychic sponges, absorbing any atmosphere around them without realizing it. In this age, Saturn responsibility and Uranus liberation go hand in hand.