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This story is sweet and hot, so be sure to bring your change of panties! And a warning not to read this around your family, as you will get asked. Chapter One Unbroken powdered meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was. Tossing the paper towel away, she checked her neatly applied makeup, fluffed her loose hair, and then followed Cameron out of the restroom. As Sydney.

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Her tongue whirled around the bulbous rim, and then slid over the sensitive slit, pushing a hiss from between his lips.

Then the heavy machine landed with a thud, grooving deep ruts in the pristine haven. The last irdesistible she needed was to be chastised, especially by irreskstible.

She gazed up at him with surprise widening her eyes, especially when he grabbed her hand. Take me home, Sean. May 13, Donna Bryant rated it really liked it. Beneath a large Stetson, he smiled and inched her closer. Instead of us getting to know each other, building a relationship, we might be setting up house together.

She eased back against the seat, thankful silence reigned for the remainder of the trip.

Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade

Sydney attempted to adjust her position, but his palms and leg made the endeavor impossible. When she glanced over her shoulder at the cowboy, he stroked the rim of his hat and grinned. Forced into close contact, denying her long-suppressed attraction is getting harder irresistibble the day. You should have seen this coming. She wanted what he offered. Knees turning to rubber, Sydney grasped his forearms to keep from falling.


Irresistible By Mackenzie McKade-Read Any Books Online

White crystals accumulated on the hood and along the windshield mackrnzie. Sean moved up behind her. As he jerked her off her feet and spun her around and around, a squeal squeezed from her diaphragm. Sydney eased up on the seat. Tall, dark and far too handsome for his own good, Sean had women coming out of the woodwork.


She reached for a towel and dried off. But giving in to temptation could mean one of them can never go home again… Warning: Sydney attempted to swallow, irresistlble the lump in her throat prevented anything so simple.

And did this have to happen during her most fertile time of the month? To his surprise, she snaked her arms around his neck. She stepped out of the material pooled around her ankles.

Sydney belonged here with them—with him—forever.

Follow her like she was a wayward child. For the next hour and a half she sat quietly contemplating her life, and then she chastised herself for worrying. Sydney has always had a crush on Sean, since she was a teenager. And he was all right with that. Quickly, she opened it and stepped inside, leaving Sean behind. What on earth was Sean thinking, holding her so close, madkenzie intimately? Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you’d call me a desert rat.

Mackenzie McKade writing is excellent. The upright position drove him deeper. In fact, my family says I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves–similar to a witch!

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I should never have touched you. Uh-oh, her mind screamed. This one was a little taller than the last and built like a Brahma—and raised by a coyote by the gleam in irresistibld eyes. Cameron rolled her eyes, shaking her head. In several months, could it be rounded with his child? His rough, throaty command added to the heat surging throughout her.

No clients or customers. She chanced a glance at Sean. Furthermore, she selected her partners carefully. With each trembling breath she dragged in his cologne, a touch of evergreen, amber and musk that made her dizzy. Slowly she turned to face him. Sydney shook her head. Memories of one foster home after another made her wrap her arms around herself. This author was recommended by a friend but this story didn’t work for me. He shook off her grip.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him with a hunger to match his own. The lust burning in her eyes made his dick jerk, leaving a trail of clear precome jrresistible his stomach. Mcoade his clothes, he lay down on the comforter and tucked his hands beneath his head to keep from getting the pillow wet with his damp hair. And a warning not to read this around your family, as you will get asked why is your face red all of a sudden.

His words rang in her ears.