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Yvonne Venegas is raising funds for INEDITO – A photobook about a Mexican pop phenomenon on Kickstarter! Documentary photography. Yvonne Venegas is raising funds for INEDITO – A photobook about a Mexican pop phenomenon on Kickstarter! Documentary photography book about the. Yvonne Venegas Forthcoming, in stock, and out-of-print Title information on Photo books InĂ©dito is a revealing portrait of a discourse that is consumed daily by.

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Wether by backing the project and receiving one or many of the great rewards, or sending this link to as many contacts on your list as you may think of! In I was invited by Mauricio Maille, visual arts director of the Televisa Foundation to make an yvoonne project on soap operas that are produced by the Multinational Mexican media corporation Televisa.

Yvonne Venegas: Inédito by Yvonne Venegas

veneyas For a long time I had been investigating ways of how to represent fragility of people in situations where they worked to control their image and therefore, Televisa seemed to be the ideal place to continue that research. So support this project! Me regalaban sus momentos de cansancio, pensativos, emotivos, venegsa veces de aburrimiento.

They received my camera as a visitor who did not need special treatment or attention, as they used to give the official cameras. Summer afternoon at grandparents house.

Eligire una imagen especialmente par ti A set of three 4×6 ink jet prints, printed and signed by me mailed to you with love! One of the yonne parts of the story was the formation of a band called RBD, comprised of the 6 main characters of the soap opera, they also formed the band in the real world.

Kickstarter is not a store. Questions about this project? Y principalmente enviando este link a todos tus contactos! They gave me their moments of fatigue, thoughtfulness, emotional, sometimes of boredom.

In she produced her first project for which she received the Baja California Art Fund grant, yvonnne did the series titled Portraits from Tijuanaand with it first learned about her interest in the pulsating space located between the perfect moment and one considered an error, as well as the possibility of portraiture as a form of exploring ideas.


Rosina and five models from her 20 year modeling agency. Anthropological curiosity and empathy are both essential elements of her practice. Share this project Done. An important outcome for her work is printed and framed for gallery presentation, as well venegsa in book form.

For international Backers outside of the US: We were introduced to soap opera producer Pedro Damian, who took an interest in our project and at that time was recording the last months of his telenovela called REBELDE. For international backers outside of the US: The book for international backers!

Now the real life has surpassed the fiction. Vicky is a musician and entrepreneur, photographed in the garden of her parents home. I am asking for money to do the design, scanning of negatives, pre-press, printing and distribution of the book; the book will contain 83 color photographs. A 4×6 inch ink jet print, printed and signed by me, mailed to you with love!

Through speech, dress, music, and treatment, the soap opera sought to gain the empathy of an emerging generation, making the transition to adult life while still searching for signs of identity. Inthis world of romantic illusion, where love conquers all human weaknesses and class divisions, was joined by the soap opera Rebeldestined to ingratiate itself with an adolescent crosssection of younger small screen viewers. Get a beautiful limited edition 20×24″ color poster of the cover image of the book, the image is called Grupo, Support Select this reward.

Her interest centered on the ambiguity of sets or surroundings where the people going by are also actors and characters, and where dozens of people take it upon themselves to turn reality into fiction. Funding period May 1, – May 31, 30 days. Estimated delivery Jul The choices are limited to 5 each.

The poster will be sent to you with care and appreciation for supporting this project! Gestus is an investigation about portraiture in the middle class of Mexico City, where she found willing subjects via open calls and flyers and took pictures of photographers at work while doing a portrait.

Yvonne Venegas

A painter from San Pedro Garza Garcia. Please add 7dlls for shipping outside of the US. In the words of Pedro Damian, “The group started as a fiction on the show and then it became real life.


Estimated delivery Nov I will mail it to you with care and appreciation for supporting my project You may choose one from the choices included at the bottom of my project page. In she received the support of the Bancomer Foundation to publish the book. Her experience growing up in the border has established in the way she views her subjects as well as the photographic practice itself, where she constantly looks for blurring lines between portraiture and documentary as well as explores the pulsating space between the perfect image and one that social studio photography could consider an error.

Yet, in the end, its anti-establishment posturing was just another way to validate the conservative aspirational eagerness of the middle classes. An aspiring politician and entrepreneur.

In Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City, produced a solo exhibition and accompanying catalog titled Nunca sera mas Joven que este dia You ineditp never be younger than this day which revised 15 years of her photographic production, focusing on 6 series of work linked by their relationship ineditl portraiture, curated by Ruth Estevez and Alfonso Morales.

When they decided to make a record on the show, they had already sold three million records in the real world. May 1, – May venehas, 30 days. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. When producing work, Venegas believes in the relationship to the world via a yvnne as well as via her participation in situations over long periods of time.

This series is now my book called INEDITO which means Unpublished, since the work has been archived now for 6 years, but also, it means that the images and situations have not been manipulated, as official images might be.

Venegas obtained the Magnum Expression award for the series. Born in Long Beach, Californiagrew up in the Tijuana-San Diego border, Yvonne Venegas has been working with the photographic medium since Learn more about accountability. Check out the image on my story page.