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White-eared Hummingbird cm; male c. 3·6 g, female c. 3·2 g. Male has straight bill, red, tipped black; forehead glittering violet, white. Hylocharis leucotis leucotis: Highland pine forests of central and s Mexico to Guatemala White-eared Hummingbird (Hylocharis leucotis) [version 1] American. Click here for more information about the Red List categories and criteria. Justification of Red List category. This species has a very large range, and hence does.

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Moreover, the only previously related study confirmed that male adults of Calypte anna and Archilochus alexandri always win their territory contests against juveniles. Asymmetric territorial contests in the European robin: Common and widespread throughout much of range.

Dearborn Dearborn DC. Fighting in males of the autumn spider, Metellina segmentata: These birds feed on nectar from flowers and flowering trees using a long extendable tongue and catch insects and other small invertebrates on the wing or by gleaning from bark, leaves, and other surfaces.

The white-eared hummingbird Basilinna leucotis is a small hummingbird. Mountains of se Arizona and n Mexico Hylocharis leucotis pygmaea: Each marked individual had a color combination exclusively for its posterior identification. Only subscribers are able to see the bibliography. Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive.

Although each territory was evaluated only during two consecutive days, some of the studied owners remained defending their feeding territories for several weeks. We found that small territory owners covered area in m 2 tend to prevent conspecific intruders from foraging at a higher rate, while they frequently fail to exclude heterospecific intruders on any territory size. The field research reported here was performed with minimal bird manipulation and followed the Guidelines for the Use of Wild Birds in Research by the North American Ornithological Council.

Even though some individuals foraged inside the established territories during intraspecific interactions, intruders were eventually expelled.


These markers were then adhered to the back of the individuals with a quick-drying, non-toxic glue Kola Loka, E. Caught individuals were identified, sexed, weighed, and measured. Blackwell Scientific Publications; Three more models with lower AIC values included the effect of intruder type, and the interaction between territory size and intruder type, and the interaction between size and quality of lducotis Table 1.

Effects of asymmetries in owner-intruder conflicts.

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Cambridge University Press; However, the resident-intruder asymmetries were important when considering the size and quality of defended resources, as well as the identity of the intruders mainly when there are differences in size or weight. The raw data on the characteristics of the territories owned by white-eared hummingbird males and their territorial behavior against intruders applied for data analysis and preparation for Fig.

Habitat Pine—oak forest, pine—evergreen forest, clearings, at — m.

Apparently, their size gives them an advantage when the resident hummingbirds are trying to expel them. Hylocharjs the contrary, the model including territory size interacting with intruder type showed strong support to explain whether a resident avoided or not successful intrusions Table 1 ; Fig. There are more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages.

White-eared Hummingbird (Basilinna leucotis) | HBW Alive

You must be logged in to view your sighting details. Closely related to B. Adults are colored predominantly green on their upperparts and breast. Because resident hummingbirds always returned to their perches and foraged inside their territory, If intruding hummingbirds foraged inside the territory i.

Hylocharis leucotis (White-eared Hummingbird) – Avibase

Krebs Krebs JR. The average area and number of flowers within the territories were hulocharis On the other hand, in interspecific interactions against individuals of E. This work constitutes partial fulfillment of V. Due to the size and the vegetation density of the territories, the observations were done from different points, at a distance of approximately 10 meters from it. The larger-sized species have higher energetic requirements, reflected in leucotiss movement patterns to look for resources within different habitats marauder or trapliner Des Granges, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


White-eared hummingbird

Hummingbirds Trochilidae have been a model system for the study of territorial behavior because of their specialized nectarivorous habit, their small territories and their high energetic demands, in addition to the feasibility of quantifying and manipulating their food sources Dearborn, Territory area, flower density, and time budgeting in hummingbirds: Show Details Hide Details. Our results showed that flexibility observed in contest tactics suggests that these tactics are not fixed but are socially plastic instead and they can be adjusted to specific circumstances.

White-eared Hummingbird occupies montane pine-oak, oak, and pine-evergreen forests from the extreme southwestern United States south to Nicaragua. Ewald Ewald PW. When David beats Goliath: Influence of economics, interspecific competition, and sexual dimorphism on territoriality of migrant Rufous Hummingbirds. As it lwucotis been mentioned, the particular dependence on floral nectar as a primary food source, combined with the characteristic distribution pattern of the plants that provide it, causes territoriality in hummingbirds to be a fundamental structuring force of their communities.

Movements Some migratory activity in hylocahris part of range, where species is most abundant from Apr to Oct, Territoriality among male gylocharis blackbirds: Tiebout Tiebout HM.

In Neotropical Birds Online T. Temporal dynamics of flower use by hummingbirds in a highland temperate forest in Mexico. Field Study Permissions The following information was supplied relating to field study approvals i.

Retrieved from ” https: The flexibility observed in contest tactics suggests that, even though the first models provide useful information, these tactics are not fixed but are socially plastic instead and they can be adjusted to specific circumstances.