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Download the User Manual and Getting Started Guide at the bottom of this page. You need to have Adobe Reader installed to view the guides. Quick start guide. 1. What’s in the box. Here’s what you should find inside the box: HTC Wildfire. Battery (preinstalled). microSD™ card (preinstalled). USB cable. View and Download HTC Wildfire user manual online. Wildfire Cell Phone pdf manual download.

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HTC also reserves the right to revise the content of this document at any time without prior notice. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Conventions used in this guide In this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and important information: This is a note. A note often gives additional information, wildfirr as what happens on your phone when you choose to do or not to do a certain action. Basics Top panel 3.

With the phone turned off, hold your phone securely with the front facing down. Your phone supports both 1. Some legacy SIM cards may not function with your phone. You should consult with your mobile operator for a replacement SIM card. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Battery Your phone comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and is designed to use only manufacturer-specified original batteries and accessories.

Battery performance depends on many factors, including network configuration, signal strength, the temperature of the Basics Removing the battery Lift out the battery from the small opening on the left side of the battery compartment. Charging the battery The battery is partially charged when shipped. Before you turn on and start using your phone, it is recommended that you charge the battery. Inserting the storage card 1. Take the back cover off.

You can also easily transfer contacts and other data from your old phone to your new phone. Getting started Home screen Your Home screen is where you make your phone your own. It comes with a weather clock widget that shows the time and weather in your current location. To find out how, see the Personalizing chapter. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Sleep mode Sleep mode saves battery power by putting your phone into a low power state while the display is off.

Getting started Status and notifications Status icons You can tell a lot about your phone by checking the icons in its status bar.

Notification icons on the status bar make it easy for you to keep on top of your messages, calendar events and alarms. Flashing green light when you have a pending notification. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Finger gestures When you want to type using the keyboard, select items onscreen such as application and settings icons, or press onscreen buttons, simply tap them with your finger.

HTC Wildfire Manual / User Guide

Press and hold To open the available options for an item e. Be sure to place your finger over the optical trackball first covering it completelyand then slide your finger across the optical trackball. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Moving the cursor when entering text To go back or forward one character in a word, slide your finger left or right.

Slide your finger up or down to go up or down between lines of text. Getting started Adjusting the volume Adjusting the ringer volume changes the volume level of the phone ring tone, whereas adjusting the media volume changes the volume level of sound notifications and music or video playback.

Adjusting the wildtire volume To quickly switch your phone to silent mode, press and hold the POWER button, and then tap Silent mode on the options menu. Select one of the following Connect your phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable. On your computer, the connected phone is recognized as a removable mankal. Scroll down the screen, and then tap Search. Tap Google search settings, and then do the following: Personalizing Personalizing Changing the ringtone Choose from the available selections of ringtones on your phone.


The Phone ringtone selection menu then opens. Hyc through the available ringtones and tap janual ringtone you want to use. The ringtone briefly plays when selected. Your HTC Wildfirf user guide Customizing and saving a scene After selecting a preset scene, you can hrc widgets and other elements, arrange the layout, change the wallpaper, and save the whole Home screen as your personalized scene. Tap Widget and then select a widget that you want.

Most HTC widgets are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your needs. Tap the right or left arrow button at the bottom of the screen to view the different styles, and then tap Select to choose one.

Your HTC Wildfire user guide Adding application icons and other shortcuts on your Home screen Place application icons on your Home screen to open applications quicker. Personalizing Adding folders on your Home screen Use folders to group related applications and other shortcuts to keep your Home screen tidy and organized.

You can also add information folders that show up-to-date information such as Bluetooth received files, your Facebook phonebook, and more. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on wkldfire Home screen Rearrange the widgets and icons on your Home screen to wildfrie room for adding more items to the Home screen.

Phone calls Calling a phone number in an email On the main Home screen, tap Mail. Open the email account where the email with the number is located. In the email body, tap the phone number. The phone dialer screen opens with the phone number already amnual. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Receiving calls When you receive a phone call from a contact, the Incoming call screen appears and displays the caller ID icon, name, and phone number of the calling party.

When you receive a phone call from someone who is not stored in People, only the default caller ID icon and phone number appear on the Incoming call screen. Wilddire HTC Wildfire user guide Using in-call options When a call is in progress, use the buttons onscreen to mute or unmute the microphone or to turn on or off the speakerphone.

You can also press MENU and choose whether to add a call, place the call on hold, mute the microphone, and more. When connected, tap to add the participant to the conference call. When you want to talk wildffire a person in the conference call in private, tapand then select Private call on the options menu. When finished, tap End call. Turning the speakerphone on or off during a call On the screen, tap to toggle between turning the speakerphone on or off.

Checking a missed call You will see the missed call icon in the status bar when you miss a call. Phone calls Adding a new phone number to your contacts from call history On the Call history screen, press and hold a phone number that you want to save to your contacts, and then wildire Save to People.

Choose where to save the number phone, Google Account, or others.

Login | T-Mobile Support

Your HTC Wildfire user guide Call services Your phone can directly link to the mobile manyal network, and enable you to access and change manhal settings of various phone services for your phone. Call services may include call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, and more. Contact your mobile operator to find out about the availability of call services for your phone. Transferring contacts from your old phone Easily transfer contacts from your old phone to your HTC Wildfire through Bluetooth.


On the All tab httc the People screen, tap Me, and then tap Tap here to edit contact. If you signed in to your Google Account and Facebook account when you first set up the phone, your contacts from those accounts will appear in the contacts list when you open People. On the All tab, tap Add contact at the top of the manusl.

This determines which account the contact will sync with. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Merging contact information If you have the same contacts stored in your phone and online accounts such as Google and Facebook, your phone will try to link them as one automatically. On the All tab, press and hold the contact, and then tap Edit contact. Enter the new information for the contact.


Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and then tap Save. On the All tab, do the following: People Contact groups Assign contacts to groups so you can easily send a message or email to a whole group. Your HTC Manuzl user guide Sending a message or email to a group You will be charged by your mobile provider for each message sent. For example, if you send a message to a group of five people, you will be charged for five messages. Your HTC Wildfire user guide People widget Put the group of people you contact most right on the Home screen of your phone by adding them as the People widget.

Using the People widget, you can instantly place a call, send a message, or view details of a favorite contact with a single tap.

People Getting in touch with a contact On the Home screen, go to the People widget. Tap a contact photo not the name on the widget. The default communication method will be performed. If you have not set a default communication method, you need to choose one first. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Keyboard Using the onscreen keyboard When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the onscreen keyboard becomes available.

After entering your text, press BACK to close the onscreen keyboard.

To open and use it again, you can press and hold MENU. The key you see depends on the keyboard language you are currently using. You can also access onscreen keyboard settings. Your HTC Wildfire user guide Entering words with predictive text The onscreen keyboard has predictive text to help you type quickly and accurately.

Predictive wildfir input is enabled by default, wldfire word suggestions are displayed as you type. To enter a word in predictive mode, do any of the following: Keyboard Adjusting touch input settings Open the Touch Input settings manul doing one of the following: Then on the International keyboard options menu, tap Settings.

From the Home screen, tap On the All messages screen, all your sent and received messages are neatly grouped into conversations, by contact name or phone number.

Tap to send the message immediately, or press BACK to save it as a draft. Select the calendar event you want to attach. Other types you can include in your message are: