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English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘hiperdinamia uterina’. NOMBRE: FLOR SUSANA TENENUELA CEPEDA PREGUNTAS DE HIPODINAMIAS ¿DESCRIBA LAS CARACTERISTICA DE LA CONTRACCION UTERINA?. Hipodinamia Uterina Terminado. Uploaded by. LizsavelSV · RCP PEDIATRICO. Uploaded by. LizsavelSV · Manejo Activo de Trabajo de Parto. Uploaded by.

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Cervical non-dilation in buffaloes. J Assisted Reprod Genetics ; In lesser degree torsions, however, the fetus can sometimes be felt. If the cervix remains closed, the fetus is alive and its fetal membranes are intact, it is suggested to wait for 30 minutes to allow time hipodiinamia natural dilation. Int J Appl Anim Sci ; 1: Approaches to dilate the cervix include administration of prostaglandins [1], administration of hyaluronidase [] and the use of sodium carboxymethylcellulose [54].

With the increase in duration of uterine torsion, plasma and blood volume decreases and the animal progresses towards dehydration and toxemia, this suggests the requirement of immediate fluid therapy [,]. The most logistic explanation for rotation of a pregnant uterus on its axis appears to be the instability of the uterus during a single horn pregnancy and inordinate fetal or dam movements [1].

The animal may adopt a rocking horse stance [79] and show mild colic pain and constipation [95]. Pelvic fractures can result into a narrow pelvic canal [20].

Clinical observations and success of treatment of uterine torsion in buffaloes.

Inducción de parto

A cause of torsion of uterus in a buffalo. The higher occurrence of the problem in buffaloes is also hypothesized to be because of a deep capacious and pendulous abdomen of buffalo [69], inherently weaker muscles of the broad ligaments [] and the wallowing habits of the buffalo [69]. The vulvar lips of a buffalo. Management of DystociaIn mid-gestation herniations, support must be given to the abdominal floor by tying strong canvas around the abdomen.


Cervical dilation failure is commonly observed in buffaloes subsequent to correction of uterine torsion and is considered a major obstacle in vaginal fetal delivery [50], especially in the presence of a dead fetus.

Attempts to dilate the birth canal and deliver the fetuses by injecting estrogens and oxytocin usually fail and the fetus should be delivered by caesarean section [16].

Failure of the Expulsive Forces The failure of expulsive forces can be due to either abdominal or uterine causes. It is not common, however, uterine torsion can result in problems like intestinal obstruction [92] and rotation of the urinary bladder in torsion affected buffaloes []. Changes in biochemical blood constituents of buffaloes with uterine torsion and the effect of caesarean section and certain postoperative therapeutic measures. Both tissue anoxia and serosal injury following the torsion of uterus are important factors in promoting adhesion formation in the abdominal cavity [].

Caesarean is a method of choice in cases presented with a closed cervix or a dead fetus with subsided symptoms of parturition [18]. It is better to opt for a caesarean section if the birth canal is too narrow, or if it is coupled with fetal postural abnormality [1]. The animal must be rolled preferably on grass with its head lower than the rear quarters [,]. The tumor masses in cervix and vagina seldom obstruct the birth canal and are usually noticed subsequent to parturition when they prolapse out.

However, the thick skin of Indian buffaloes causes skidding of the plank at the time of rolling. Over distension of the uterus because of dropsical fetal conditions, general debility and environmental disturbances are other causes. The resulting severe hemorrhage can result in maternal death.


Distocia y Torcion Uterina en Bufalos – [DOCX Document]

Reproduction in the water buffalo. Cervical massage with sodium carboxy methyl cellulose for achieving complete cervical dilatation in successfully detorted uterine torsion affected buffaloes. Vet Anaesth Analg ; EtiologyThe exact etiology of a higher incidence of uterine torsion in buffalo continues to be poorly understood.

Cattle and buffalo are considered the species in which the incidence of dystocia appears to be highest [1]. It is advisable to check the patient to assess the general condition before deciding to operate.

Indian Uerina Vet Surg ; Both forelegs are also tied together using a separate rope.

hipodinamia uterina

Clinically hard polyploidy growths are palpable over many places in the birth canal. Rotation of the fetus per vaginum is possible only in mild degrees of torsion where the obstetricians hand can touch the fetus and sufficient fluids are present in the uterus [55,77]. Large tears can result in the passage of the fetus into the peritoneal cavity []. Dystocia in buffaloes due to carcinoma of urinary bladder. These inflammatory and necrotic changes in cervix subsequent to torsion lead to failure of the cervix to dilate [51].

A common confusion for cervical non dilation appears in cases of uterine torsion. This document is available on-line at www.

Histopathological observations on buffaloes affected with uterine torsion revealed progression towards severe inflammation [51]. The rapidly rotating body of the buffalo overtakes the more slowly rotating gravid uterus. Spontaneous vaginal rupture at parturition in a buffalo.