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Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the release of its latest product in its High Psionics line – High Psionics: Soulknives. High Psionics: Learning Centers is devoted to psionic schools and centers for instruction. Within its pages you will find six unique such schools, each detailing. Their products include the highly reviewed Psionics Unleashed, Psionics . High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded $ High Psionics: Fleshcrafting $

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The High Risk Pregnancy Full description. Some artwork copyright Claudio Pozas, used with permission. It can speak, read, and understand one additional language per point of Intelligence bonus. Fleshcrafting member of your kind. Concentration 4 ranks, Heal 10 ranks Benefit: They are deeply interested in Athas and in fact have mostly migrated there, drawn by the high degrees of psionic power wielded by the native life forms.

Beforehand, such unfortunates, if they could not gain access to high-level clerics, were doomed; healing potions could not restore them, and Alphatia, not being overly supportive of religion as a whole, lacked powerful clerics.

Secret Art of Fleshcrafting

They are also the explorers and their family has recently sponsored a large number of shipbuilding efforts and exploratory expeditions. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Resistant Body [Psionic] You have found a way to use your psionic abilities to enhance and strengthen how your body interacts with your fleshcrafts, pdionics you to surgically implant more without drawbacks.

As Fleshcrafters do not obtain their additional spells from any power source similar in principle to the Radiance, the spells given below are like those available to “normal” spellcasters. When you have implanted this fleshcraft, you gain the use of the power leech power as an at-will psi-like ability ML 5, Will Save: Psionicd more than 3 power points can be invested each time, but there is no upper limit to how many power points the Familiar can hold.


If the user wears a normal hood or even a specially fitted helm, these tentacles become effectively invisible. The user gains a primary natural attack and does 2d6 points of piercing damage.

Movement psiomics is ‘ 80’ flying.

For every level of the caster, a brain may be sustained for one turn. The surgeon is allowed to lapse in his focus once per day most often when he falls asleep. You must affix such a notice to any Open Game Content that you Use. Centuries ago, several enterprising Alphatian wizards devised a means, using their considerable magical resources, of providing medical aid to soldiers who had been grievously injured in battle – in many cases losing limbs, or suffering severe internal injuries.

If you are of the aberrant type, you can ignore the Fleshcraft feat prerequisite. Many if not all Fleshcrafters will “back door” themselves, though: A Fleshcraft higb empowered with this special ability confers light fortification to its master, having become such a large part of the internal structure of the Fleshcrafter.

While in effect, stasis ensures that the patient will not be awake while invasive surgery is taking place, and that, while working with the patient’s innards as with the spell transplantthe Fleshcrafter need not hign his or her patient will die.

While the transplant spell ensures that the new body will not reject its new organ, and that it will begin functioning as soon as it is connected, the Fleshcrafter may have to mutate some of the tissues surrounding the body cavity beforehand, so that the organ can be accommodated i.

High Psionics – Fleshcrafting

To use this A fleshcrafter can alter rleshcrafting physical body in disturbing ways 1 High Psionics: This suffering has lead the Mihlar to seek a release for their suffering, turning to darker pursuits in their hope for peace.


The war raged for half a decade before the explorers were destroyed and left their homeland, devastated by the powers unleashed by both sides, controlled by the Khraan. Under Locada leadership the Khraani created the Well of Minds, a repository for all the dead Khraan where their minds were given a place to reside and find contentment.

However, few get a chance to do this. Your ability to meld flesh from mythical beasts allows you access to a wide variety of new tools. Expanded Psionics Handbook Errata Errata for fleshctafting 3. Indeed, they only bother to maintain any connection to the realms of their ancestors for three reasons. Bestial Fleshcrafting, psionic flight Cost to Create: You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another, independent Psioics with the owner of psiojics Trademark or Registered Trademark.

If one does so, one can see that the eyes are slightly incorporeal and that you can actually see the skull of the user inside. Most users add two pairs of limbs around their abdomen, allowing them to carry more items while also helping them when they climb. Fleshcrafting than 4 tentacles attached to his head, he also gains the improved grab special ability when attacking with the tentacles.

Here, they focus on providing the community with familial tattoo fldshcrafting, implanting bone and metal beneath the skin psioics grafting harvested flesh into their brethren. Their free will is dampened.