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Gateway Huawei EchoLife HG User Manual. EchoLife HGc Home Gateway User Guide HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. 1 Safety Precautions Thank you for purchasing the EchoLife HGc Home Gateway (hereinafter referred to as the HGc). Manual for EchoLife HGc, made by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd). Home Gateway manual details for FCC ID QISHGC made by Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. Document Includes User Manual Cover.

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The user name and the user password are provided by your network operator. The user who uses an electronic assistant medical-treatment device needs toconfirm with the service center regarding the effects of the radio wave on mannual. An icon for the dial-up connection is displayed on the desktop of your computer.

OffThe HGc is powered off. Use the accessories such as the manula adaptor provided or authorized only by the manufacturer. Enter an access password in the Pre-Shared Key text box.

To log in to the Web-based configuration utility after you change the IPaddress successfully, you need to launch the Internet Explorer, and thenenter the new IP address in the address bar.


Select Yes from the Active drop-down combo box and select Routingfrom the Mode drop-down combo box.

You need to perform the preceding operations on a computer once only. Page 21 Step 3 Check the positions of your terminal and your computer. Page 14 – Configuring the Wireless Network Connect Ensure that the terminal is properly connected to the socket through the power adapter.

Huawei ECHOLIFE HG520C user manual

If you cannot use the PPP dial-up software to dial successfully, perform further checks as follows: Page 5 6 FAQs Make sure that the device mmanual not get wet. The product described in this manual may include copyrighted software of HuaweiTechnologies Co. You need to perform the preceding operations only once for creating a network connection. Page 8 Do not place the wireless device and its accessories in high temperature areas. If the problem persists, contact your service provider.

Do not attempt to dismantle the device.

Huawei ECHOLIFE HGC User Manual | 25 pages

Connecting One Telephone 2. Telephone jack on the wall 3. The WLAN indicator shows whether wireless network function is enabled. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any meanswithout prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. OffThe HGc works in hf520c mode or in routingmode.


Huawei ECHOLIFE HG520C User Manual

The HGc works in routing mode. BlinkingThe HGc is being activated. The power supply of the device must meet the requirements of the input voltage ofthe device. If the voltage hg52c0 unsteady, for example, if thevoltage is too high or too low, do not use the terminal.

If you cannot use the PPP dial-up software to dial successfully, performfurther checks hh520c follows: Step 3Enable the wireless configuration service provided by Windows XP. Basic RequirementsKeep the device dry during storage, transportation, and operation of the device. Page 21 Step 3Check the positions of your terminal and your computer.

Click Submit to save the settings. Hg20c Submit to save the settings. Thus the descriptions herein may not exactly match the product or its accessories you purchase.

Connecting Multiple Telephones 2. Wireless Product Usage RequirementsKeep the device away from magnetic storage devices e.