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Book 1 in Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. Their forbidden love may get them both killed. Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Red werewolf Bella flees her adoptive pack of gray Heart of the Wolf – Kindle edition by Terry Spear. Paranormal. Terry is most commonly known for works like Heart of the Wolf, Savage Hunter and Heart of Couger. +Biography. Terry Spear was born in Sacramento.

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Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her entire pack.

Devlyn is a beta male werewolf in a pack of grays. Forced to flee her adopted gray pack when the alpha male becomes a vicious threat, she struggles to live as a lone wolf, until Devlyn, the gray male who rescued her as a pup, comes to bring her home.

When lf local red werewolf goes on a killing spree, Bella and Devlyn must flee the murderer, the police and their vengeful pack leader.

Heart of the Wolf

When her twin arrives in his town, he finds himself bewitched, and when someone attempts to silence her, he realizes that protecting the beautiful stranger might be the only way to protect his pack—and himself. In this third in the series, wildlife photographer Tessa Anderson must prove her brother innocent of murder charges. Hunter Greymore is a lupus garou, a grey werewolf. Tne arrives in the Canadian Arctic to search for his partners in his P. The two tumble into an icy world of enemies bent on destroying the lupus garou kind.


Heart of the Wolf Series by Terry Spear | Books-n-Kisses

As they turn into lupus garou themselves, and bond wold the pack that only they can rescue from destruction, Cameron and Faith find their soul mates in each other. His first priority is to protect his pack… Werewolf pack leader Leidolf Wildhaven has just taken over a demoralized pack.

With rogue wolves on the loose causing havoc and the authorities from the zoo suddenly zeroing in on the local wolf population, the last thing he needs in his territory is a do-gooder female, no matter how beautiful and enticing she is…. On a desperate mission to help a she-wolf with newborn pups, the last thing Cassie needs right now is a nosy and entirely too attractive werewolf pack leader trying to track her down….

With rogue wolves and hunters threatening at every turn, Cassie and Leidolf may heartt their attraction the most dangerous force of all. Even worse, his people become extras in this epic Highland movie. But when one American werewolf romance author, Julia Wildthorn, slips into the castle under the guise of being with the movie company, except she is trying to jumpstart her muse with writing a book set in old-world Scotland—specifically about his castle and his people as the characters in her newest book venture—she and Ian tangle.

Alicia Greiston is a no-nonsense bounty hunter determined to bring a ring of mobsters to justice. Her dogged pursuit of the crime family has forced her to avoid relationships— any man would only become a target for retribution.


Luckily, Jake Silver is more than a man, and his instincts are telling him to stop at nothing to protect her. Meara Greymere is in charge of the cabin rentals on the rugged Oregon coastline, so her brother and his mate could take a delayed honeymoon. Duncan MacNeill is a Highlander at heart with a mission—find gray wolf and former stockbroker, Silverman who has stolen the family fortune and is purported to be living in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Since he promises to be no trouble at all, she lets him stay. Thanks for the spotlight — as a warning — the first book does kind of move slowly because of the world building: Email will not be published required. Sophia Rose October 6, at Thanks for the overview!

Destiny of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #2) by Terry Spear

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