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Harry Lorayne, renowned brainiac, is most famous for his memory I bought a copy of Lorayne’s How to Develop a Super-Power Memory after. How to Develop a Super-Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is no such thing as a poor memory; only a trained or untrained one. Harry Lorayne proves it by showing that anyone can accomplish amazing memory.

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If you want to learn to recall something easily, you euper be interested in remembering it. You can utilize the Peg system, of course, for the same thing. Many of you who went through High School had to take a foreign language or two.

Give yourself 10 points for each telephone number that you list correctly. But, as you can see, entirely plausible and possible.

James rated it it was amazing Feb 24, A good intro book for memory technique. For “chef,” picture a chefs hat. First 1 gave you an aid to remember the phonetic sounds, now those sounds are your aid to remember the very important peg words; and the peg words will help you to remember anything where numbers are involved, so make sure you know them well.

Full text of “How To Develop A SUPER POWER MEMORY Harry Lorayne”

See yourself walk- ing on it, and actually hearing the paper crinkle under foot. Because I doubt if you will answer the second one. You simply do the same as if you were linking a list of objects. hharry

Your list should be longer this time. Actually, when you memorize the second shopping list, the first one fades away. I’ll make this simple for you by giving you a “memory aid” for remembering each one.

Make an entirely new ridiculous mental picture with, or between bottle and paper. The finale of the film was the last question of the quiz, which was worth some millions of dollars. Perry wears a red sweater.


Why, paper, of course. Daegenshine Miss Ralstone Mr.

I’ll give you two or more ways in which you might fomi your pictures with each pair of the twenty items. Memory is so useful, and I have found that by learning the systems mrmory the book, not only do I now have the tools to remember faces, names, long numbers, lists, etc, my true memory has also improved.

How to Develop a Super-Power Memory

Give yourself 5 points for each correct one. At first, you may have to list, perhaps, two or three Key Words for some thoughts. If it happens to be a list that you do not intend to utilize right away, but which you feel you want to retain for future use — you can do that, too. Now, here is the point which 1 will keep reminding you of throughout this book. Chris Guymon rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Remember the word, “why”.

You can see that simple conscious associations helped you memorize abstract information like the above examples very easily. Did you answer this question correctly? When you think you’ve become proficient at it, try remembering the prices of the items also.

I know I feel that way: The word, “LAW” will always represent 5. It will be extremely useful for remembering telephone numbers, style numbers, long digit numbers, addresses — as a matter of fact, the Peg sys- tem will aid you in remembering anything that has to do with numbers in any way.

This, alone, without the actual sys- tems and methods of associations in this book, will improve your memory to a noticeable degree. When the mechanical trouble is memoru care of, the bus goes to the last stop, and the rest of the people get off. You might, for example, be giving a talk on your local school problems at a Parent-Teacher Association harryy.

Microphone and Pen — You’re writing with a microphone instead of a pen, or you’re broadcasting and talking into a giant pen. If a student has a good memory for one subject, he is a good student in that subject. You have to have your car washed now we know that it must rain today ; make a deposit at the bank; mail a letter; see your dentist; pick up the umbrella lower you forgot at a friend’s house you hadn’t read the chapter on absent-mindedness, as yet ; buy some lorahne for your wife;, call or see the television supe stop at the hardware store for bulbs, a hammer, a picture frame, an extension cord and an ironing board cover; go to the bookstore to buy a copy of this book for a forgetful friend; have your watch repaired; and finally, bring home one dozen eggs.


Score after learning Chapter 10 —. However, if some of you did feel that the amount of stops was important or if you felt you would be questioned on that particular point; then you surely did know the answer to my first question, or remembered the ,orayne of stops that the bus made. With the Link Method you can forget a list whenever you want. Don’t look at your wrist watch, and answer this question: A business man traveling in the mid-west was told about an Indian, living in the vicinity, who had a harr fantastic memory.

If you purchased this book expecting a theoretical ha- rangue of technical terms, you are doomed to disappoint- ment.

How to Develop a Super-Power Memory : Harry Lorayne :

If you did, and if you draw a boot, you will have the approximate outline of the map of Italy. These would probably serve you just as well, but you might pick some words that would conflict with some of the words that you will eventually leam for other purposes.

I am very impressed! Some shots were fired blanks, of courseclothes were tom, and so on. The mind is a most fantastic machine; it can be compared to a filing cabinet.