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This is often not so with HackMaster; in fact, complete gaming newbs sometimes command a distinct learning-curve advantage over their seasoned RPG. HackMaster Basic is an introduction to the HackMaster roleplaying game. price point (FREE) for a complete RPG with detailed Player and GameMaster. I’ve been playing the latest edition of HackMaster (“5th Edition”, “Advanced HackMaster”, whatever you want to call it) off and on for about a.

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There hackmster humor in the writing but this version is not a Parody. I’ve been running a campaign I created since. Please browse through our FAQ before posting. Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting PDF. Just one of those strange quirks of the printing buisness.

But lots of folks have very awesome campaigns. That said, Basic isn’t generic; it’s very clearly its own game, with its own style, and, while that style isn’t my cup of tea, I nevertheless appreciate a game that knows what it’s about and makes no rpy about it.

I’m not an elitist; I will give basically any game system a fair shot, because I think that most systems have hackmawter good points.

The HackMaster RPG is the game of choice for those that know the difference between ordinary and epic. We haven’t really had an issue with the level of crunch as much of that is in character creation. The books are expensive, yes, but IMO they’re totally worth the price. My final thing to point out is that the “power curve” during character advancement is shallower than in many games. Anthony February 18, at 5: Do not submit video game content unless the game is based on a tabletop RPG property and is newsworthy.

GROGNARDIA: REVIEW: Hackmaster Basic

I rpf that’s a very fair review, James. Or maybe I just don’t get the jokes. HackMaster specifically sets out to be a fantasy game that’s grounded in a more realistic, gritty world, where anything is technically possible, but some things are far more commonplace than others. For most games, having some preconceived notion of what to expect or background experience makes the transition easier. To me, a proper role-playing game has rules that are grounded in the logic of that game’s subjective setting.


Within these pages he catalogues a collection of the most varied and interesting creatures that populate the Kingdoms of Kalamar. Once you’ve rpb through one combat the game goes like clockwork.

I had hopes for HMB, but I’ll definitely steer clear after reading your review, since I was hoping for a lean “blue box” or “red box” presentation that would not try my limited patience for complex chargen and combat systems. Nothing brings out the genius of HackMaster like actual play.

While gpg, it can certainly prg a setting when those things become commonplace. It has been hinted the name of the game was originally changed for copyright reasons. Here again, I think the term “basic” is tripping hacimaster lot of people up and rightly so. I love that the game sets boundaries and asks me to adhere to them, rather than allowing me to steamroll the rules in order to make my own perfect character. We offer discounted specials if you wish to pick up several books at once.

We’ll see what happens. This inexpensive PDF expands upon the free version with added rules, combat options, spells and advancement to 10th level. Want to add to the discussion? Hackmaster seems like a game with a design mission statement to make me dislike it as much as possible. It was just not basic enough for me; I will never play it, and will probably give it away to a grad student.


I appreciate the lack of homogenization here, with the fighter being the simple hit-stuff-until-it-dies class suitable for newbies, while mages require more cleverness and skill to play effectively. That’s fair enough, but, as I say, I don’t hackmasted anyone can be faulted for assuming, based on its title hackmastef the cover illustration, that it’s more in the vein of Moldvay or Mentzer than it actually is or was ever intended to be. If there is something old-school, I haven’t found it.


Jason Hackamster 18, at 6: I hear ya, man. I doubt I’d ever play, let alone run, a HackMaster Basic campaign; it’s, as I said early, “too much” for me. You said it best “it’ll appeal greatly to the kind of people it appeals to”.

Glad you liked it, but my point is still the same. I think people are going a little over the top on the complexity angle here. Why did we do this you ask?

It’s intentionally more simulationist than most tabletop RPGs, that’s for certain.

It’s way too complicated for hackmatser “basic” anything, and I really didn’t see the use of the complexity. What you hold in your hands is the skeleton key that unlocks the chains that have confined you to the humdrum world of the mundane for your entire life. The rules have to stand on their own. Hafkmaster Tower of Madness C4: The game is needlessly complex and arcane for anything calling itself “basic” and I think that’s a pity, because I can see how one could really enjoy a game like this.

I really, really, really wanted to like it, but alas it was not so. You need a TEAM of characters with complementary skills and abilities. The continent is mapped based on forty-eight “sectors”, each one thousand miles across. Doug February 18, at 8: This is a Game written by people who love to play it.

Rules in practice review. Each book features 3 new clerics and a wealth of supplemental game info. hackmasteer