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Precambrian-Cambrian trace fossils from Eastern Yunnan, China: implications for Cambrian explosion. Bulletin of the National Museum of Natural Science Comptes Rendus Palevol – Vol. 8 – N° – p. – L’Explosion cambrienne ou l’émergence des écosystèmes modernes – EM|consulte. An evolutionary burst million years ago filled the seas with an astonishing diversity of animals. The trigger behind that revolution is finally.

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However, once the dust had settled, overall disparity and diversity returned to the pre-extinction level in each of the Phanerozoic extinctions.

The burrowers may have started tunneling to access new sources of food such as the sunken carcasses of planktonic organisms buried on the sea floor or to escape predation by digging deep into the substrate.

As groups at their origin tend to go extinct, it follows that any long-lived group would have experienced an unusually rapid rate of diversification early on, creating the illusion of a general speed-up in diversification rates. For these researchers, the answer to cambriebne question “why did the Cambrian explosion take place when it did?

Very few organisms ever enter the fossil record; after death, their remains are usually completely destroyed and recycled.

Explosion Cambrienne – Bibliographie

These deposits are characterized by a similar mode of preservation called “Burgess Shale-type preservation”. International Journal of Earth Cambridnne. Evolving organisms inevitably change the environment they evolve in.


As a result, although plus phyla of living animals are known, two-thirds have never been found as fossils. Unfortunately for the explosioon, the last worldwide glaciation seems to have ended around million years ago – nearly 90 million years before the first signs of the Cambrian explosion in the fossil record which was followed by another major regional glaciation around million years ago. Origin of the metazoan phyla: Many important developmental genes are shared between widely-divergent animal groups.

This would cause the predator lineage to split into two species: Articulated halkieriids exploison the Lower Cambrian of North Greenland and their role in early protostome evolution.

Credits Copyright Sitemap Feedback. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. Today, dozens of Burgess Shale-type deposits with comparable assemblages of fossils have been found around the world.

Hence, they supplement the conventional fossil record and allow the fossil ranges of many groups to be extended. Retrieved 11 September If any of these remains sank uneaten to the sea floor they could be buried; this would have taken some carbon out of circulationresulting in an increase in the concentration of breathable oxygen in the seas carbon readily combines with oxygen. Armor, spines, and similar defenses may also have evolved in response to vision.


At low oxygen levels, they don’t function well … without it, they cannot survive. The Devonian cambrinene of land had planet-wide consequences for sediment cycling and ocean nutrients, and was likely linked to the Devonian mass extinction.

The International Journal of Developmental Biology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

explosion cambrienne

Ecological complexity among marine animals increased in the Cambrian, as well later in the Ordovician. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95, Fossil Evidence Mineralized Skeletons The early record of the Cambrian Explosion is based on fossils – principally the appearance of mineralized cambrienn and complex trace fossils.

Dotted lines represent the probable range of particular groups of animals. Later radiationssuch as those of fish in the Silurian and Devonian periods, involved fewer taxamainly with very similar body plans.

American Scientist 85, The role of environmental factors e. Phyla can cambrlenne thought of as groupings of animals based on general body plan. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97, It ranks as one of the most important episodes in Earth history.