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Following approval from the School Board, the Evansville-Vanderburgh County School Corporation releases the school year. The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation releases the calendars for the and school years. Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) Professional Development Home > Workshop Calendar . EVSC Physics PLC Meeting.

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Beginning this fall, Lincoln School students will start school on Aug.

EVSC Releases School Year Calendars Through 2019 School Year

Lincoln will also offer 15 additional days of optional extended learning opportunities to the beginning of the school year. This school board vote was taken following a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of the balanced calendar on student learning, school community input, and thoughtful consideration of other impact points. Parental opinions were gathered through cakendar council meetings, two phone surveys, one door-to-door survey, and a paper survey that was sent home to families, who had not responded to the other surveys.


Families were found to be largely in favor of the move to the EVSC calendar, citing such advantages as having all of their children on the same school calendar many have children at more than one school ; and the ability to balance daycare and vacations more easily. It also allows students to take advantage of 21st Century Summer Learning opportunities that were not available inthat are now in place and puts Lincoln into the EVSC timelines and support cslendar testing and enrollment.

The history of the balanced calendar at Lincoln began the school year. It was believed that by reducing the amount wvsc summer vacation time, and balancing the school year with shorter vacations, the summer learning loss would be lessened. Intersession activities were planned for students that complemented lesson plans during the regular school year, with fun and educational activities combined.

The components of the balanced calendar were funded through Title 1 monies.

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Conversations about the efficacy of the intersessions began recently as state and federal funding cuts have grown, as well as the recent sequester that is reducing federally funded Title monies.


An investigation showed that the balanced calendar was not having the educational effect it was calendae to — and ISTEP scores have remained basically flat for the past several years, following some modest gains.

It was also determined that the number of students taking advantage of the intersession activities has declined steadily, including those enrolled for calendag summer. Then, the June intersession will still take place from June Summer vacation will begin on June 24 and run to the start of school evzc Aug. For those families wishing to take advantage of the Jump Start, it will begin on July Governor Crouch Announces Tourism Director.

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