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Hello, Here are the codes where I got data to display in silverlight datagrid as following: QueryTask queryTask = new QueryTask(URLService);. Hello I want to export graphics layer to kml file or shape file in silverlight Is there any example codes here? Best regards. I have drawn polygon using SketchEditor Xamarin (Android & iOS) Geometry geometry = await sync(SketchCreationMode.

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This is accomplished by having a small clientaccesspolicy.

The following issues should be considered when preparing map contents for use with the PrintTask: If you need to print different geometries, put each geometry type in its own GraphicsLayer. Hi, Thank you for your idea inputs.

See the next problem for more information. Tasks return a limited number of features Problem: I knew how to export ASP. Anyone with rights to administer content here may feature content.

For more information on the structure and function of a clientaccesspolicy. For FeatureLayers, if FeatureLayer.

Export Web Map

If the PictureFillSymbols are not selected, only the outline displays. Therefore, I must research the best way to do it. Dismiss this customization message Don’t show me this again.


If you can’t find an easier way to this, and would like silverlitht try it, I will send you some code.

ArcGIS API for Silverlight | GeoNet

There will esrl no further updates to the product or its documentation. I saw a couple of Silverlight printing but using different datasource. Add the following MIME types:.

To feature content, go to the discussion, document, or blog post you want to feature and click “Feature this” in the list of actions on the right. To access data from a remote server a different server from the one where your Silverlight application is hostedthe remote server needs to have a clientaccesspolicy. I cannot load data from my server. View 1 sub-space Hide 1 sub-space. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

In addition, track lines appear on top of marker symbols. I cannot load data from an external data source outside my application’s domain To access data silvedlight a remote server a different server from the one where your Silverlight application is hostedthe remote server needs to have a clientaccesspolicy.

And just how do you do these actions?

Choose a layout and drag widgets onto your Overview Page to customize it. In this topic Problem: Accessing a Silverlight application on a web server returns error code in the browser Problem: They include the following problems: I cannot load data from my server Problem: Like Show 0 Solverlight 0 Actions.


If anyone can do it, please help me the solution. As a result, time animation, photo overlays, and schema tags will not generate appropriate output.

Export the data from silverlight datagrid to Ex | GeoNet

When the user queries the data and displays it in the DataGrid, the user has the option to export the data to PDF. It is probably eesri the best solution, but the only one could find at the time.

You can’t create exporg here, but watch for events you might be interested in. Legend items are dynamically generated by the PrintTask based upon si,verlight features that are currently viewable. How can I get lat long of all points? Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Are you sure you want to expire this announcement? Add the following MIME types: Send the query parameters, produce the report and spit it out as a PDF.