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The case management directions usually require the parties to disclose to each other any documents that they have which are relevant to the case and to exchange statements of evidence of themselves and any witnesses that they intend to call at the hearing. Unfortunately for him, he failed completely to say whether or not he accepted that he owed the money that was being claimed from him, so he did not get as far as a hearing, as his defence was struck out in boxwork and the Claimant was awarded judgment against him for the amount claimed.

I start with a controversy between Norberto Bobbio and his Italian colleagues occasioned by the first Iraq war and then proceed to examine arguments form Kelsen and Walzer on just war to which Bobbio and his partners referred in the When I reached this particular case in my list, the usher came in to my chambers to inform me that the Claimant, the gentleman bringing the claim, was here and was representing himself.

The Claimant lived in St Albans and travelled in daily by train to the City of London where he worked.

So, the day finally arrives for the final hearing. It is helpful to the District Judge to know if either party intends to call any fonajee witness or witnesses as this will affect the estimate of enunciadks time required for the final hearing of the case which the judge has to give. This process means that it is very rare indeed for someone to be appointed a District Judge at a younger age than their mid-forties.


Given that they are true, what follows for Kelsen — and for Paulson — from this fact?

One of foname other questions, indeed the very first question on this form is as follows; Do you agree to this case being referred to the Small Claims Mediation Service? In order to do so, I critically fonahe the But let us go back to the hearing when the parties are present, anxious for their day in Court and for the claim finally to be dealt with. You are encouraged to claim on line as the court fees are lower than for paper claims.

In this enunciasos I scrutinize these three claims. We attempt to convince them that going to Court should be seen as a very last resort. You are therefore encouraged to contact the Small Claims Mediation Service to arrange a mediation appointment.

This is not the County Court, but I thought you would like to see a photograph of Peterborough Cathedral, in the city centre. There is no one with me in chambers, of course, and I have to find the time to do this as well as hearing my cases. Other ways you might try to reach an agreement include processes like negotiation, mediation and arbitration. However, because my order has been made without the parties being present and being able to argue against my decision, the order will tell them enunciaados they have the right to apply to set aside my order, providing they send in that application within 7 days.

Final words of thanks to all. This is of course produced from the recording of the hearing and a fee is payable to the Court before a transcript can be provided.



Ads help cover our server costs. This is the website for making your claim online. Click here to sign up. The mediation service is free. Do you agree to this case being referred to the Small Claims Mediation Service?

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A County Court claim can nowadays only be issued in one of two places, either in Salford, which is in Manchester, or in Northampton, which is some 40 miles from my court at Peterborough.

This is a very straightforward form with just 6 questions, only 3 of which I will mention now; i Do you agree that the small claims track is the appropriate track for this case? A party can apply to the Court for a full transcript of the hearing and of my judgment and from this they can read every word uttered during the course of the hearing. The programme was printed and someone else gave a title to my talk.

It will not surprise you that the Queen does not personally choose her District Judges.

This procedure has the main aim of encouraging the parties to bring or to defend a claim by themselves, without the involvement of lawyers. He then went on to the National Rail website and discovered that people travelling from Watford could, if they wished, travel via St Albans. This is in contrast to the Judiciary in some European countries, such as France, where a judicial career is quite separate and distinct from a career as a lawyer.

He caught the train each morning at St Albans station, and he travelled with a season ticket which he purchased each year.