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EN is the European standard for electric bikes and was adopted in Australia in and EN allows for a W motor. Read more about EN . Chariman of EnergyBus e.V., Dr. Mo-Hua Yang explains Europe’s EN and EN Standards for Light EVs. This European Standard applies to EPAC bicycles for private and commercial use with exception of EPAC intended for hire from unattended station.

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Sixth month after the acceptance of the definitive text all European National Standards Bodies will have implemented the standard as national standard and any previous national standards shall be withdrawn before this date. Pedelecs are standagd bicycles and are not subject to vehicle registration or insurance requirements, and pedelec operators do not require licenses or any specialized equipment.

This makes the European market for e-bicycles economically attractive for manufacturers despite the difference in market size.

Electric Bicycles (Pedelecs) EU Regulations: EN – Sustainability-org-il

The EN gives specifications about safety requirements and test methods stadnard pedelecs using battery voltage up to 48 VDC or an integrated charger with a V input.

For more information, contact us at e-mobility tuv-sud. In the case of e-bike products that had already passed EN For owners and operators en51194 e-bicycles, the distinctions between these two categories are important. Inchiesta pubblica preliminare UNI: Of course, for commuters who must travel long distances, bicycles with some form of power may provide a more suitable alternative.

However, it must be noted that compliance with standards does not automatically ensure that products are absolutely safe.


General safety requirements and test methods. However, the verification process for pedelecs is different from that which applies to e-bikes and s-pedelecs.

In some European countries it is compulsory by law. The future for the e-Bike is looking bright. Donec consectetuer ligula vulputate sem tristique cursus.

Revised EN 15194 E-Bike Safety Standard Implemented

Phylion Battery EN For the consumer this should be all well and good. The public organisation introducing pedelecs for personal mobility should inform about the national regulations on pedelecs.

The implementation of the EPAC standard varies by country. Service contact us advertising magazine subscription digital magazine jobs board online magazine. By the en5194, the EMC requirements are already in force throughout Europe, including all the e-Bikes that are currently on the market.

Dieses fake rolex kaufen Pre Daytona hat einen Durchmesser von 37 mm und eine Dicke von 12,5 mm. E-bicycles represent a small but rapidly growing portion of the overall global market.

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Politica europea sulla normazione Normazione e professioni non regolamentate. The market for e-bicycles is expected to dramatically increase in the coming years as consumers seek safe and convenient options to traditional motorized vehicles.

EU testing requirements for e-bicycles

In either case, a formal test report is required to document compliance in support of the DoC. It will change the market for e-Bikes drastically as it will no longer be possible to enter the e-Bike market in Europe by simply importing e-Bikes from China and selling them on.

As a consequence, all e-bikes produced and entering the European Union after April 30 must comply with the version of the EN standards.


While lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of a high operating voltage and high energy density, they also have safety issues during manufacturing, shipment, and use. For the mechanical part, producers were referred to the ISO en1519 for conventional bicycles. Probably the authorities never had the intention to introduce driving licenses or helmets for this type of vehicles.

Europe’s EN and EN Standards for Light EVs

However, self-testing is also permitted if a manufacturer is equipped to conduct the required testing. It should be required the pedelec offered is a bike according to national regulation. The version of EN was announced in Januaryand formal implementation is scheduled to begin on April 30, The industry will benefit from stable quality and a positive image that comes with the EPAC standard.

Lees voordat u gaat reageren de spelregels. Mo-Hua Yang Chairman of energyBus e. In addition, the EN standards for e-bike batteries were announced by the European Union in Januaryand will be implemented in July EMC is one out of many parts of the CE test procedure. As roadways become more congested and parking spaces harder to find, commuters in many major cities around the world are leaving their automobiles at home and bicycling to work.

This Directive says that: Whereas before they had to analyze the Machinery Directive themselves for relevant requirements, they can now rely on EN The national regulations develop often slower than technology does.