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Getting started with ejabberd. Overview; Options to use ejabberd; Architecture. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code. These tutorials assume installation on localhost for development purposes.

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Welcome to ejabberd, your superpowerful messaging framework

Each entry in the list is a tuple in which the first element is the name of a module and the second amnual a list of options for that module. Binary Installers of ejabberd prior to version This option is only used when the anonymous mode is enabled. Namespace delegation allows external services to handle IQ using specific namespace. Maximum number of occupants in the room.

The timeout in milliseconds before the c2s processes will be hibernated. When the module is called to retrieve the shared roster for a user, the following algorithm is used:.

Getting started with ejabberd | ejabberd Docs

It is skipped if the check is enabled and fails. The following options are used by many modules. Now you can finally start ejabberd: If the value corresponding to the criteria is the same, the same component instance in the cluster will be used. If this option is set, you should also set the certfiles or the certfile option. ejabberf


Advanced ejabberd Administration | ejabberd Docs

When a user has too many offline messages, any new messages that they receive are discarded, and a resource-constraint error is returned to the sender. Default value is 5.

Commercial offering come in two type of packaging:. Messaging applications require to transfer more than text messages. The ejabberdctl script returns a numerical status code.

When enabled, new messages added to archives are compressed using a custom compression algorithm for details see the ejabberd The option syntax is:.

Users can discover existing rooms, join or create them. This means that the account must be registered in the local ejabberd, because the information will be verified.

The ejabberdctl commands are: The default value is en. Moreover, the described core layers are pure abstraction grouping several modules together by some criteria for better understanding of ejabberd internal processing rules. That script is supposed to do theses actions, in an infinite loop: This scenario can be achieved by creating shared roster groups as shown in the following lists: If the node name contains a symbol and its hostname part is a FQDN then ejabberd will use so- called long names see erl 1 manual page and look for options -name and -sname for details.


The default entry is: The default is and respectively. Enable all previous options. This saves resources on systems with tons of nodes.

If the specified user has no active sessions, print the string “0”. These tutorials assume installation on ejabgerd for development purposes. The following functions can be used for this:. We use our 15 years of experience to filter the best ideas or improvements to make sure ejabberd is always your most solid choice in term of scalability, robustness and manageability.

This protocol allows you to retrieve next statistics from your ejabberd deployment:. Then the packet is either routed to the appropriate c2s process, or stored in offline storage, or bounced back.

While a client is inactive, queue presence stanzas that indicate un availability. This ejabberd server has three vhosts: The room is public in the list of the MUC service, so it can be discovered.

There are two common types of internal representation of JIDs: