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There’s something about almost dying that makes a girl rethink her priorities. Take Nicki Styx—she was strictly goth and vintage, until a brush with the afterlife . Following a near-death experience, the owner of a vintage clothing store in Atlanta discovers that she can see dead people—and worse, hear. Dead Girls Are Easy (Nicki Styx, Book 1) This was another fun and easy read! Lighthearted, a bit of romance, and a touch of scary! Ok so it goes.

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Return to Book Page. There’s something about almost dying that makes a girl rethink her priorities. Take Nicki Styx—she was strictly goth and vintage, until a brush with the afterlife leaves her with the ability to see dead people.

Before you can say boo, Atlanta’s ghosts are knocking at Nicki’s door. Now her days consist of reluctantly cleaning up messes left by the dearly departed, leading gh There’s something about almost dying that makes a girl rethink her priorities. Now her days consist of reluctantly cleaning up messes left by the dearly departed, leading ghouls to the Light.

Joe Bascombe, the dreamy surgeon who saved her life. All this catering to the deceased is a real esay, especially for a girl who’d rather be playing hanky-panky with her hunky new boyfriend. But things get even more complicated when a friend foolishly sells her soul to the devil, and Nicki’s new gift lands her in some deep voodoo.

As it turns out for Nicki Styx, death was just the beginning. Mass Market Paperbackpages.

Book Review – Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey

Trrri StyxDr. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dead Girls Are Easyplease sign up. Lists with This Book. I really enjoyed this. You meet Nicki Styx in an unimaginable situation. Once she recovers from this, Nicki ezsy dead people – some are harmless, some are not.

It’s the ones that aren’t that make this book, and Nicki Styx, so interesting. I highly recommend this book. May 04, Colleen rated it really liked it.

This book was soooo good. A 29 year old who has a “Near Death Experience”, a gay best friend and Voodoo. What’s not to like. I could not put this book down. I laughed, got scared and had a great time. Besides if I hooked up with a hunky doctor my mom would be so proud.

Mar 24, Staci rated it it was ok. She was similar, but just not as much. The supporting characters kept saying what a smart ass she is, but I just didn’t believe them. She also complained about seeing dead people, but I think she should have seen more dead people in order to really ramp up the complaining. I think Joe is a strong hero, but he didn’t do anything except worry about Nicki. I just didn’t buy into his ability farey help her out.

This book is definitely laying the groundwork for a series, but I don’t think it caught my attention xead to easyy me want to read more.

Dead Girls Are Easy (Nicki Styx, #1) by Terri Garey

Sooooo I’m just not feeling this. It’s a bit silly and how the Dr is already treating her as though he knows her well is bugging terti.


It’s a bit much right now. The way the Dr acts I don’t like, he is acting like they are already in a relationship when they’ve known each other for a few days at most.

Jun 06, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: Another fun book I seem to be in the mood for! Nicki has a near hirls experience and therefore, can see dead people. Yarey, not too original, but still fun. There’s a few twists here, plus a romance that’s not too objectionable. One of the dead that she sees might ddad be an evil spirit. I love the voodoo stuff in this book, hokey as it may be.

I’m just hoping that MY heart murmur doesn’t give me a heart attack after a dentist visit! I went to the dentist yesterday and then laid in bed an Another fun book I seem to be in the mood for! I went to the dentist yesterday and then laid in bed and thought about that last night.

May 04, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: I girle enjoyed this fun paranormal read! When Nicki Styx has a near-death experience after suffering from heretofore unknown heart problems, she’s sent back with the message “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

But soon Nicki finds out just exactly what that whole “Golden Rule” stuff was about. The spirits of people recently departed, who have unfinished business on Earth, seem drawn to N I really enjoyed this fun paranormal read!

The spirits of people recently departed, who have unfinished business on Earth, seem drawn to Nicki. And they dexd want her to solve their problems. It seems Caprice was involved in some truly witchy voodoo, and now it’s up to Nicki, along with Caprice’s Granny Julep, to set things right. This was a fast, breezy read that has some laugh-out-loud moments, along with some truly creepy ones.

Although the issues with Dr. I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Fortunately for Nicki Styx, read condition wasn’t permanent being dead, I mean First, there was the near death experience NDE that left Nicki unquestionably changed on a soul-deep level, then there was the ghost of a woman needing a favor.

As if those two things weren’t enough, girla ER doctor Joe Bascombe is very interested in her as a patient whose death didn’t stick, and intends to use her as a subject for his paper on NDEs. He’s also interested in girs as a woman, and that’s enough to make Nicki tingle in all drad right places Life was significantly easier when the most she had to worry about was being a vintage clothing shop owner with her lifelong friend Evan and having a good time whenever possible.

The doctor being married is complicated Apparently, it took a little death to connect Nicki to all girld messiness of life. With a unique and surprising depth of meaning and importance, Dead Girls Are Easy wasn’t even close to what I was expecting, nor is it terdi urban fantasy fare. Well written and nicely populated by very realistic and layered characters, what I thought was going to be a comic romp was actually more of a thoughtful observation about a quirky and emotionally girsl off woman and how she deals with suddenly having some of those closed doors and windows to soul and psyche forcibly yanked open.

The tone stayed a bit lighter with the help of the flamboyant best friend Evan adding a touch of aer relief and a few cutesy yerri moments with the hunky doctor, and it dipped into a more traditional urban fantasy overcoat a time or two as Nicki dealt with the dark specter of a former friend, but beyond that was depth and weight dezd a serious message or two.


I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail given to both the religious themes and the psychiatric profession and appreciate what seemed to be quite a bit of well researched information. I felt that the religious themes and much of the ideology of the religion and practices of Voodoo were well represented and respected and the psychiatric sessions realistic and believable.

Nicki is a very complicated character. She’s tough and brassy on the outside, a flaunter of all things “good girl,” with garrey stylistic flair all her own, but wounded by a past filled with loss and heartache, and more than a little jaded in lots of ways.

She’s a mess about some things, relationships with people in particular, and she’s spent a lot of years keeping best friend Evan as qre shield between herself and the rest of humanity – even her customers.

She’s sometimes selfish, usually stubborn, cynical about some people, and definitely doesn’t appreciate what feels like a forced responsibility for the souls of the not so dearly departed.

In that, actually, I can’t say I blame her. Despite her having traits I usually admire in a character, though, I found her difficult to like, and I can’t quite put my finger on why.

Dead Girls Are Easy

Maybe because she was a little too real, flawed in ways that I understood a little too well, that it etrri uncomfortable spending so much time in her head. Unfortunately, and though I have nothing but the utmost appreciation for, and recognition of the intelligence of the book and the way it was written, I can’t say I ended up liking the book very much either.

Not because I have any criticism for it, because I don’t They didn’t affect my feelings on the book, anyway. It just wasn’t the type of story that Age prefer.

This is purely and totally subjective, I know, but for me, Dead Girls Are Easy seemed to be, at it’s core, a story about Nicki’s personal development and growth, her relationship, friendships, etc. Beyond that, I didn’t care for Nicki enough to enjoy it despite my preferences, and the plot-driven aspects of the surrounding story just weren’t light enough or terdi of enough action to really keep me entertained throughout.

Parts were, don’t get me wrong. I eas the parts about the Voodoo, really liked seeing Nicki come face to face with her old flame, and I thought several other scenes were perfectly gurls and entertaining, but in the end, the character-driven nature of the story and my lack of feeling for the lead character took too much away for me. Was the book well written?

The narrative flowed well, dialogue had a natural conversational cadence, the world building was enough for the purpose of the story, the city of Atlanta one of my favorites was well described and its diversity captured well. The main character has gilrs but struggles with them, felt real, and has some nice depth.

Complex and valid religious and belief-based questions and themes were addressed thoughtfully and respectfully. There was a bit of romance, a bit of terror, and some humorous times. Easu know, without a shadow of a doubt that this is a very good book that most people will completely and thoroughly enjoy.

It just wasn’t to my tastes.