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Coyle J.J., Bardi E.J., Langley C.J. (), The Management of Business Logistics –. A Supply [w:] Kolasińska-Morawska K., “Zarządzanie logistyczne”, Wyd. Results 1 – 20 of 20 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Edward-J-Bardi books online. Free delivery John J Coyle Zarzadzanie logistyczne. on Neural Networks – Conference Proceedings, January 1, vol. 5, pp. – () 8. Coyle, J.J., Bardi, E.J., Langley Jr., C.J.: Zarządzanie logistyczne.

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Logistic management systems in an enterprise running authorized distribution of agricultural vehicles and machines. The article presents basic objectives and tasks carried out within logistic management of a trade-service enterprise. The object of the research is a company running authorised distribution of agricultural tractors and machines, spare parts and services of products.

The processes in the trade and service company providing services for the sector of food producers can be divided into: All the above mentioned subsystems complement each other on particular stages of the logistic chain, ensuring the optimal customer service. The sales procedure of new agricultural tractors by the Commercial Department has been presented. The distribution of tractors can be performed according to four routes of fulfilment of orders placed by the consumer. The shortest procedure is applied when the required model is available at the dealer’s location.

The tractor can also be ordered from the National Logistic Centre or from other company’s supplies, if the company constitutes an element of the distribution network.


Zarzadzanie logistyczne – Coyle bardi langley pdf – video dailymotion

The longest route pertains to the situation when the order is placed via email directly to the factory producing a given model. The system of spare parts zafzdzanie within a logiparts is satisfied with the use of logistic solutions, which enhance the speed and reliability of commodity flow in the supply chain.

The structure of distribution of spare parts for farm tractors and machines functions as a net with the following elements: Kinds of orders made by a commercial company in the National Logistic Bardl of logistyczje manufacturer and a procedure compulsory for ordering spare parts for individual needs of a customer have been characterised. Supplying the stocks is generated in the IT system after reaching the safety level by spare parts and it takes a form of timely orders or special order.

Preparing the document of an individual order is preceded by the process of verification of the required xarzdzanie in order to establish their catalogue code, taking into consideration construction changes for a given type and year of a given tractor or a farm machine.

Edward J Bardi

The participation of employees in the process of technical completion is aimed at eliminating errors and mistakes at the preliminary stage of the order. The occurrence of inconsistencies in each case lowers the level of customer service and is a reason of losses for the company and the purchaser. Accepting the order results in its immediate transfer to the National Logistic Centre via email.

Logistic tasks in the procedure of performing warranty and post-warranty services by the Service Department as well as the procedure of spare parts supply, necessary for the fulfilment of accepted orders, have been presented. When establishing a current schedule, the Service Department takes the following factors into consideration: The structure of logistic system of spare parts distribution is based on three levels of availability.


The location in the wholesale store of the dealer makes it possible to receive the parts immediately; ordering them at the National Logistic Centre involves waiting for 24 hours, while supplies from the European Logistic Centre are carried out within 48 hours.

The logistic management is a kind of activity based on fulfilling precisely established goals. A perfect organisation and professional technical service, with a simultaneous care for high effectiveness, require concentrating efforts and means on ensuring the zxrzdzanie of products for sale at the level which satisfies the market demand.

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