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If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. The Communion Letters. 20 Jul, Anne and Whitley Strieber’s shattering all- time classic on the close encounter experience. Reading these letters, chosen. Whitley’s Strieber’s Communion is another formative object for me. Well, maybe “ formative” is a bad choice of words. After all, I was 12 when the.

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She has been with me for longer than life itself.

Whitley Strieber

He even has a doctor, on the special features of the movie attest to this “fact. Torres said whutley was the size of an aircraft carrier.

He cited his own fiction as his example. This is the underlining problem for the hardcore believers, as well as the hardcore skeptics.

Whitley Strieber’s ‘Communion: A True Story’,

Courage and joy in the face of death. Whitley Strieber with his book Solving the Communion Enigma. American writer best known for his novels The WolfenThe Hunger and Warday and for Communiona non-fiction description of his experiences with apparent alien contact.

Sean Casteel is a journalist from southern California who has published extensively on UFOs, alien abductions, and related phenomena since It’s been out for a long time and I remember what a splash it made upon its initial release.

I also believe it is wrong for anyone to claim it to be total B. Since leaving his mainstream credibility behind, Strieber has associated himself personally — directly or indirectly — with all sorts of ‘ woo ‘ topics including cattle mutilationcrop circlesthe ‘drones’, the JFK assassinationthe alleged Roswell event, and more.

Meet Flynn Carroll, a cop who has to work with alien cops to catch alien criminals on Earth. Briefly, my unremarkable life became hugely exciting and traumatically frightening. Now available for the first time as an ebook. The author also ignores that in several of the hypnotized sessions a third person, Budd Hopkins, was allowed to sit in and question the subject. The fact that these events are presented as true, however, adds an extra element to this read. For concerns on copyright infringement please see: This is a story that would fit right in as an episode of the X-Files though its publication in predates the hit series by a good six years.


There are some in a very complex and parasitical relationship with our minds, and some of these seem to me to be close enough to the human to suggest that they are hybrids of some kind. Modern research suggests that parallel universes may be very real, and that they may exist all around us. Now, having read at least five of Streiber’s science fiction and horror books, now, many years later, I have finally obtained a copy of Communion thanks to the generosity of my stepbrother’s girlfriend.

They — and you — will discover what is left of our way of life: We achieved absolute terror. However, if after the initial experience, I had turned away from it and simply buried it in my mind and decided it must be some sort of a nightmare, nothing else would ever have happened.

One of the most powerful books ever written about the most mysterious phenomenon in human history. Like so much of what Strieber has to say about his experiences, the idea is both frightening and beautiful at the same time. Honestly, I don’t do the whole aliens thing at all, but the cover of this whitey used to freak me out as a kid and a bit residually as an adult so I decided to see what was inside. I read this book with the cmomunion that it might be interesting because there is a film based on the book.

Jan 22, Mike rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I liked reading this twenty-six years after it was published, because it makes things like the “visitors” trying to help mankind because of the ozone hole a little bit discredited. This usually happens without their even being aware of strifber so: The story told is rather extraordinary and controversial; not to mention that the subject matter tends to inspire a great deal of skepticism as misinformation and hoaxers abound.

I spotted them and then asked mom if she saw it too, and she did. I am trying to create a relationship between us and the grays.


Gary Schwartz calls it “extraordinary and inspiring. I think that the meditation I have been practicing for now over 40 years has gradually enabled me to deepen sensation in such a way that I can feel more of the limits of the body, because the body starts in the deep physical and radiates into other spectra.

Instead, it allows the reader to step into the mindset of someone experiencing something they don’t understand. That would mean that in a way it had led in the wrong direction, because unless it leads us to greater being, why even do it? On the basis of that I wrote a letter to Whitley Streiber saying that I would love to try to contact these visitors. It shifts to suit the needs of the moment, and of the percipient.

The nuts-and-bolts flying saucers of the early Cold War—elusive, watchful, but generally benign—took on a sinister new dimension. Dentists used to go on the radio and television and tell people, paid by Hershey Chocolate, Inc. He shot two girls in the stomach right behind me, thirty feet away from me.

He’ll make all of this wild conjecture of the potential spiritual nature, and many of the claims are wholly contradictory. Strifber catch a glimpse of this in Communionwhere Strieber lets slip his basic procedure. And the other guy suddenly went out and tried to pull one communjon them away and got shot in the head and killed. Since writing this, Strieber has made what some would consider to be an attempt to construct a new-age religion out of his experiences.

Strieber reported at his journal: Moreover, in an interview with Strieber’s mother in the late s, Mary Strieber said that to her strieer, Strieber was in Austin but not on campus that day. Refresh and try again. I knew full well that we are going to have a really rough time in the next fifty years….