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CHS NCII Reviewer – authorSTREAM Presentation. It is a two course training merge into one training. This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam. COURSE DELIVERY: Instructor -led. through my experience, passing the TESDA NC II Computer Hardware Servicing Exam is not really difficult as long as you follow these.

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Click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel.


After you have successfully installed this application you are then required to setup a local networking which has access to the internet as well. Install the motherboard into the casing and expansion cards.

Also called main memory or primary storage. How would you do this? It is stored in a ROM chip on the motherboard. Normally it is place at the cover of the CD. Learning about various types of processors and its specifications is also a high value. Maintained by a small battery after you turn reviewee computer off. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed.

Hello, Hcs Post has been shared here. Take necessary precautions to protect the components of the computer from damage caused by ESD Electrostatic Discharge.

Partitioning the Hard disk drive Press D key in order to delete partition Press C key in order to create partition Press L key to confirm the deletion of the partition Delete the existing capacity eg. After examining the computer and hearing the noise for your self, you notice that high pitch noise seems to be coming from the fan in the power supply.


Which Windows NT 4.

Unit of Competency Slide 5: You must also review about the common types of viruses and how it will infect your computer system applications and operating system. Before you disassemble the system unit you must explain to the examiner the proper way of doing it, that erviewer will need to have an anti-static wrist strap in order not to damage the sensitive electronic components, if this device is not available you just discharge your self by touching the metal parts of the system unit and the other hand is cus the grounded wall.

Ensure that all Mounting Screws are properly secured since the examiner is very particular on this.

HP printer laser jet III printer is not printing at all. What could be the options? Which component should be replaced?

CHS NCII Reviewer |authorSTREAM

Also called an expansion card. You must choose FAT for Windows partition. You also need to master the parts of the computer particularly of the Main Circuit Board or the Mother Board and their specific functions, cable color-coding as shown above.

Wear safety glasses for protection against sparks and metal fragmented Use only grounded plugs and receptacles Working area should have ventilations, trash canfire exit and capable of being disinfect. Derrick Ramos July 3, at Cable Configurations and Networking: The beeps are in the sequence of one long beep, then two short beeps.


Reviewer For TESDA National Certificate: Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Reviewer

Posted by News4U at 1: You need no further PC Repair training after completing this course. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new comments via email. Wear rubber sole shoes when standing on the ground or in a concrete floor. You check your Windows installation and it looked good. Put the workgroup as simple as possible eg.

Open the cover and reset all cards and chips. Unplug all the internal connectors from the mother board. You also need to master the parts of the computer particularly of the Main Circuit Board or the Mother Board and their specific functions, cable color-coding as shown above. Printer installation For old printers such as dot matrix etc. reviwer

You can test your knowledge in computer hardware by attending Computer Hardware Quiz. You are preparing the computer for dual booting between Windows 98 and Contingency measures during workplace accidents, fire and other emergencies are recognized.