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This small but important book by Hendrik Berkhof ushered in a wave of studies in this translation, and drew from it in his own famous work, The Politics of Jesus. : Christ and the Powers (John Howard Yoder) (): Hendrik Berkhof: Books. Hendrikus Berkhof was a professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Leiden. Berkhof The subject first published Christ and the Powers in which sought to understand the operation of spiritual and social forces especially in.

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Evolutionary Stable Strategies Gossip, Part 3: Yoder translated this book, which is really more like a pamphlet, from the Dutch. Piper Ramsey rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Theology is a Fork Part 6: I readily admit that my theological inclinations are to reconcile the biblical worldview with modernity.

Along with this summary of Berkhof I’m really left wishing for a reading of “the powers” that is not so slavishly adherent to modernist neuroses. This review will be updated later, time permitting: I Walk the Line Part 2: The Theology of Peanuts Table of Contents. I hear that and understand those concerns. But if pressed, I suspect that Wink would come down on the personal and realist side of things. New Perspectives on the Dialoguepagesed.

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Sinner and Saint Part 3: But what I can do this this: Hendrik Berkhof’s probing study of Paul’s references to the ‘powers’ in his epistles — translated from the Dutch by John H. As I read Wink, he is decidedly agnostic about this personal aspect, and about how realist or nominalist we should be about the forms. And isn’t that what inquiry and learning are all about?

Christ and the Powers: Part 1, Paul’s Demythologization of the Powers

The Preferential Option for the Poor. One can also be a realist, and critique the mapping between our own ideas and the ideas in the world; it does not entail reification. The Church’s role is now to examine these powers from a defensive standpoint, pointing out their penultimate nature.

Welcome to the blog of Richard Beckauthor and professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University beckr acu. The Man in Black Part 4: Story of a Soul Part 3: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You know, I don’t want to have a view or a school of thought or chtist position.

Christ and the Powers by Hendrikus Berkhof

Understanding that the stoicheia are Powers that Christ defeated we can return to the issue of how Paul imagined the Powers. Open Preview See a Problem? It is instead that worshiping the words, like worshiping the angels, are examples of disordered worship. Berkhor you can add that this not-knowing might also have little urgency or importance anyway. With this metaphysic in hand, one that Paul would presumably embrace even though he never elaborated it berkho such, stoicheia, as letters, can seamlessly refer to both the words of the law spoken by God, and the words of Creation spoken by God.


It’s why, as a modern person, I actually write a great deal about the Powers, demons and the satanic.

Return to Book Page. Based on the same list, we could just as easily say: Hans Deventer rated it really liked it Jan 14, For me, this scenario you brought up sets the stage for a completely banal instance of chrst struggle for belief in any aspect of any religion. While terms like principalities, powers and stoichea may be amenable to abstraction, I don’t see how berkbof such as angels and demons can be, in any faithful exegesis.

The Theological Scars of Empire.