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But, finally with some incredible teamwork from the EMC vSpecialist squad I now present the complete Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1. This guide. Download Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 Description. Celerra UBER Virtual Storage Appliance Guide v1 EMC Corporation vSpecialist Team February The new Celerra UBER VSA uses this intelligence to now allow *Thin* Configuration is now Perl/Bash based instead of just Bash to keep.

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The appliance has the same look and feel of a VNXe but is completely virtual. On the Interfaces tab, select Create from the bottom Fast clones are different than full clones in that they are designed to be very space efficient. Select the interface, followed by clicking Add, then Next. Select Create File System Be sure to enter a name that informs you of the direction of replication.

Verify File System Creation Afterwards review the summary screen and click Finish. Log into the Celerra VSA to begin the provisioning process. The IP address is already filled in for you, simply enter the name of the local Celerra. As such, they require very little storage vxa.


Review the summary screen and click Finish. Enable DNS or skip this step.

EMC VNX and Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) – Free Download Link | Yusuf Mangera

This can also directly be performed on an ESX i host. Select Create from the bottom of the File Systems tab to create on These three tasks can be performed manually using various dialogs and screens in Unisphere, or alternatively all three jber be accomplished using the Replication Wizard.

Installation and configuration of the VSA is complete! Linux can do strange things with the swapfile even when memory is not in contention.

Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1

Select File Systems from the Storage drop down to begin the process. Although not necessary, it would be useful for the reader to get some background on EMC Celerra architecture and its components such as the function of the data movers, solution enablers, Unisphere, etc.

This is expected behavior. It is important to mention that the below changes will get you better performance for the VSA. This process must be completed on both the local and remote Celerra VSA network servers. The default option is thick-provisioned, which will consume 40GB of disk. Size px x x x x The next screen allows you to choose the Datastore on which to store the VSA. Time to deploy a VM from a template went from ubeg, down to 9 minutes. Having access to VMware vSphere 4. They are similar to linked clones in that they are based on a parent image.

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EMC Celerra UBER VSA Performance Tweak – Virtual Insanity

Please configure your network appropriately if planning to use external internet. If you have not already created a destination Celerra, you may do so here.

Confirm Your Selections The following instructions will detail how to log into the Celerra VSA. Login to the VSA via Unisphere: You will see tasks kicked off when the NFS datastore is created and then, when each of the ESX hosts mount the datastore 9.

The Celerra VSA is packaged at the moment to hold a minimal footprint vza not for optimal operations. Be sure to choose a name that allows you to understand the direction of the relationship.