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Calendario Sep 13 Mexico – CALENDARIO ESCOLAR , Calendario , más de plantillas para imprimir y, Un. FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF EDUCATION FROM MEXICO History Of Education In Mexico. 8. Pre-Colonial constitutional obligation from the 13 school year. In Education (SEP), is officially responsible for providing escolar (school administration) and planeacion educativa calendario – calendar. weekly weekly weekly ..

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This is the blog of the Barcelona-based independent curatorial office Latitudes. December 13,7pm: December 13,7pm Interpreter: Each of the performances of the programme is extracted from their original context as studies or scenes from earlier projects and given an independent life.

Access to all performances is unrestricted. Performance, reenactment, 27 September Photo by Noemi Jariod.

Courtesy of the artist. Performance, reenactment, 11 October Performance, reenactment, 25 October ecsolar Performance, reenactment, 15 November This performance corresponds to the latter historical context, addressing the complexities of understanding the disease in an epidemiological sense and as a symbolic phenomenon enmeshed with global governance, human rights, and civil liberties.

A performer dressed in black leather garments makes a ritualistic reading from a mobile device, listing the dates on which new antiretroviral drugs have been approved for use in the US, beginning from The brand names of each of the medications join the litany of dates, and the pill trademarks are repeated as though they were figures worthy of veneration: The subtitle refers to a radio broadcast by the philosopher Michel Foucault, known for his histories of healthcare and sexuality, who in became the first public figure in France to die from an AIDS-related illness.

November 29,5—8pm: At the same time, a female choreographer dressed in black repeatedly reads a transcription of a radio broadcast entitled The utopian body given in by the French philosopher Michel Foucault. November 15,7 pm: The speaker, dressed in the clerical attire of a priest, delivers a personal and theoretical address, a form of self-reflective homily or sermon, accompanied by an image of a billboard showing an unmade double bed with the hollows left by two heads in the pillows.


The text begins as a reflection on the experience of the act of lending authority to the voice and announces itself as a series of digressions around its ostensible topic: The speech hinges on the elision of the words community—in particular, the gay community—and communion. While acknowledging the Christian ceremonial connotations of the latter, the text more abstractly deals with communion as the intimate union of feelings and bodies, and the compounding of the private, political, and philosophical spheres in the life and work of individuals such as Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, and the speaker himself.

Critical social infrastructure to promote art scene health resilience” sessions with BAR Tool —19 participants 29 October The invitation is to collectively instigate a collective systematic review of proposed decisive factors that underpin the psychological fitness and physical well-being of a city art scene, with Barcelona as a case study.

With a focus on developing taxonomies and diagnostics, as well as therapies and triage, this strand of BAR Tool will culminate in a series of institutional simulations and operations.

Calendar Calendario Sep 13 Mexico – Calendar

Such a beautiful horizon! Conversations with Radicals A female interpreter wears religious garments of a Catholic religious order and a black leather orthopedic boot with spurs.

Les styles de Nietzsche [Spurs: The performer receives abrupt indications when the oration must be commenced or continued, and her body is summarily moved into various positions without warning, forcing the register of her voice and calendaro delivery of 2012-3 words to compensate differently each time.

In the final position, the nun character is made captive, shrouded in a black sack, merely a detached head. October 11,7pm: This dramatized, repetitive oration—at esdolar marked by obedience, escollar, apostasy, regret, abuse, and provocation—is delivered in Catalan by an inscrutable priest-courtier character.


Because the format of the litany has been folded in on itself believers are neither being addressed nor obediently respondingthe effect of the voice is more akin to a conflicted interior monologue that stutters and recurrently ties itself into the same knot of compulsions and desires.

A solo female performer wears a loudspeaker which plays excerpts from “To have done with the judgment of God” by Antonin Artaud, a radio play which here also serves as a form of a choreographic score.

Made inert as an individual by the skin-tight garment that covers her entire body, the performer becomes a crawling and indeterminate body-thing that emits vocal expressions. To have done mezico the judgment of God], — Interpreted by Jordi Vall-lamora. Fifth Dramatic Conflict with the Work of Art ], Interpreted by Carme Callol and Tatin Revenga.

Calendario Sep 2012 13 Mexico

Phenomenology of Communion], Interpreted by Manuel Segade. Interpreted by Catalina Carrasco and Gaspar Morey. The Utopian Body], Interpreted by Meixco Escoffet. Carme Callol y Tatin Revenga.

Calendarios Escolares Universitarios –

Catalina Carrasco y Gaspar Morey. Variations on Ode to Joy, No. Video SD, color, sound. Courtesy Galerie Chantal Crousel. I’ll be there for you 02 January Latitudes’ home page www. Also showing Jack Pierson and Joan Morey. Recent openings in Barcelona 01 October The season kicked calnedario this week and last: This website uses cookies.

By continuing to browse this site you accept this. Joan Morey fotografiado por Marc Medina.