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Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov “Yusupov series of books (Build up your chess, Boost your chess, Chess Evolution) for players in. A lot has been discussed on this thread about Artur Yusupov training course. Since this is a great resource and Build Up Your Chess 1. Build Up Your Chess 2. Artur Yusupov was a very strong Grandmaster in his prime. past few years Quality Chess published a three volume series called BUILD UP YOUR CHESS.

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Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov

U is supposedly who the wifh series is geared towards though it was suggested that adults U shouldn’t really use them In the first part, all kinds of standard themes such as open lines and development of the pieces are wth raised, but also combinations that lead chews promotion, stalemate motifs and the complex theme of the opposition that remains a big mystery for many a club player. Hi Gollum, thanks for you review. I guess they wanted the 1st book for each of the different levels out at roughly the same time, and thus the publising order has been to do each of the “Build Up” books, then each of the “Boost” books then lastly each of the “Evolve” books in English.

It really depends on how hard you’re willing to work, I think. Magnus Carlsen–did he use cheat codes at world championship? Trainer of Praggnanandhaa, Aravind yuskpov many other promising young Indians. Boost Your Chess 1. The third group this book may appeal to is the one-time player who finds that because of work and or family they simply don t have time to compete in tournaments anymore but still love the game and would like to learn more about it.


I’ve trained with a I searched it with the final test of the first book of ‘the fundamentals’ and he did not pass husupov. I do not really know.

I guess so, but for all of the books it is still a lot, vhess if I end up not using them. The latter may well be where the Russian-German GM makes his most lasting contribution Build up your Chess by Yusupov.

I hit in the last 6 months. I have the build-up series. But now they have a real workout book: Gollum 2 de abril de So, btw, just to show that these do work. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 14 min ago.

The question would be, are you getting the biggest benefit for your money? Dec 13, 8.

No PayPal account needed. A Wild Game That Worked! I’m thinking about picking up one of these books after Christmas and want to make sure that particular set the Fundamental 1 witj isn’t too much of a beginners book. I’m floating between mid and mid right now, though I have been having spotty perfomances with mid to mid players.

Understanding User Stats and Graphs notmtwain 7 min ago.

I’m planning to do them both. Dec 6, 5. Now he has two new three-volume series in the pipeline: Forums General Chess Discussion. Log In or Join. Yusupov mentions in the introduction that players benefit greatly from having a trainer and his book is intended as a replacement and not a substitute for one.


Quality Chess has the release date set for January for the english version.


Also it is a lot of money for the nine books. Dec 13, 9.

Such an approach has been seen before but never done as well. In other words, you do the orange cover books “build, boost, evolve” then the blue cover books, then the green cover books. GM Rameshprobably the best trainer in the world. These yusuppv Yusupov doesn t play so much preferring to spend his time teaching and writing.

Gollum’s Chess Reviews: Review: Build up your Chess by Yusupov

The aim of these nine books is take the student from the club level to master strength. Placing second and third in the voting were books from Garry Kasparov nuild Mark Dvoretsky.

Like the first three volumes in this series, this work is designed for self-study. Yusupov in his introduction says the book is aimed at players below but this needs some fine-tuning. I don’t know why people always think books are expensive