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Purpose of test. To determine the performance of a product when it is subjected to the conditions of the test specified in BS Part 7: BS Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures Part 7. Method of Test to Determine the Classification of the Surface Spread of Flame of Products. Fire retardant Type test of surface spread of flame at Exova Warrington, United Kingdom meeting British Standard by BSI Group.

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Repeat the procedures given in a to f above for each of the remaining specimen constructions. Fire Tests on Building materials and 4476-7 — Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products. Methode d’analyse de determination de la classification de la surface de propagation de la flame sur les produits. Method for assessing the heat emission from building materials.

Final Spread of flame. Search all products by. Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. Within 5 s swing the specimen holder and specimen into the test position, and immediately start the timing mechanism, i.


Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Click to learn more.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. It provides data suitable for comparing the end-use performances of essentially 476–7 materials, composites or assemblies, which are used primarily as the exposed surfaces of walls or ceilings. Limit for one specimen in sample.

Analyses d’incendie sur des materiaux et structures de construction. Surface spread of flame, Classification systems, Testing conditions, Radiation, Calibration, Specimen preparation, Test equipment, Construction materials, Fire tests, Structural fire protection, Fire-test classifications, Construction systems parts, Design, Ceilings, Dimensions, Test specimens, Fire safety in buildings, Walls, Flame-spread classifications. Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our vs tips.

British Standard Part 7 fire test

Non-combustibility test for materials. Terminate the test when the flame front reaches the mm reference line, or after 10 min has elapsed, whichever is the shorter. Standard Number BS Similar Articles Building Material.

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476–7 for one specimen in sample mm. Customers who bought this product also bought BS Brandschutztechnische Pruefungen an Baustoffen und Bauten. Fire Test to Building Material — Surface flame. Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products Status: Spread of flame at 1.


BS 476-7:1997

Swing the specimen holder into its standby position and remove the remains of the specimen construction. Fire tests on building materials and structures.

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Verfahren zur Klassifizierung der Flammenausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit an der Erzeugnisoberflaeche.

BS Fire Test to Building Material – Surface flame_Ecosafene

Method of test for fire propagation for products. The faster, easier way to work with standards. Your basket is empty. Extinguish the pilot flame 1 min after the start of the test. This Part of BS specifies a 47-7 of test for measuring the lateral spread of flame along the surface of a specimen of a product orientated in the vertical position under opposed flow conditions, and a classification system based on the rate and extent of the spread of flame.