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Since , I’ve been developing with Benoît Wojtenka (and a e-books (more than 15, copies sold), books (n°1 fashion book in and. Des desert boots aux mocassins, en passant par les sandales et les sneakers, découvrez nos conseils pour choisir et porter vos chaussures. Get up to date with the latest news and stories about the person Bonne Gueule at The Irish Times. Breaking News at

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10 years – 10 “portrait” interviews: Geoffrey Bruyère, co-founder of a PrestaShop e-store

Inwe launched an e-book, which worked well: We started selling clothes in collaboration with other brands in a very artisanal way, with PayPal buttons integrated in an amateurish way, but we were very quickly confronted with volume management. In Februarywhile we were launching our own brand, we took the leap and contacted Axome to create an e-shop.

Our stance was to have our own brand, but without a collection or special sales. And we wanted to stick to 3 products: We learned about e-commerce with PrestaShop and Axome, who supported us in an extraordinary way by really listening to us: Axome developed bonje by combining existing modules with custom code.


Le BonneGueule Book Reviews

We were especially surprised by the how PrestaShop handled the increased load: Its ability to be well indexed in Google was also a good surprise. BonneGueule is very French: BonneGueule was initially a blog, and even on the e-shop we decided to base ourselves on a lot of text – in French; 2.

Given that all of our production is in-house from production to physical stores and that we gueile at once a media, a community, and a brand But we will soon be launching our first versions in English then in German. There is something very reassuring about PrestaShop since we base all of our e-commerce on their platform!

This saves us from thinking about many questions related to risks and the availability of know-how in development or integration Since it listens to its community, PrestaShop has made the right market decisions, it offers a real solution for growing sellers who are exceeding or have already exceeding the symbolic threshold of one million euros, which is often a difficult stage for e-sellers. I think that their coming versions will be very interesting for growing sellers like ourselves. For its 10th anniversary, I hope that PrestaShop will continue to develop an even richer ecosystem by betting on the innovation of its partners, to offer even more possibilities to develop the tool and sales.


Your monthly reading : Bonne Gueule edits the guide for stylish men | Couvre x Chefs

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