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Former antiques dealer Pobi boldly announces his arrival as a cunning novelist with this grim and gory debut thriller. FBI contractor Jake Cole. Bloodman by Robert Pobi book review. Click to read the full review of Bloodman in New York Journal of Books. Review written by Renee C. Official website for novelist Robert Pobi. Worldwide – August 6, His novel, Bloodman, was called ” a remarkable debut ” by Booklist, and ” a relentless.

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Devastation is robdrt but when a number of grisly murders begin to surface, the local police do their best to hide the macabre murders from the prying eyes of the press corp. He had an eidetic memory, useful in his job as an independent contractor with the FBI.

As the action escalates, Montauk is battered by a Category 5 hurricane. You can see how this sort of thing could go very bloodmann in the hands of an incompetent writer. The horrific scene at the crime is familiar, he recognizes the murderer’s work from his own tortured past. His father, a painter of some renown who is riddled with Alzheimer’s, has suffered a horrific accident that just may have been self-imposed. By Terry DiDomenico Bloodied but unbowed… It is said Robert Pobi had six complete novels in his desk drawer when he decided to take tobert writing full time.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi | Elizabeth A. White — Editing & Reviews | Crime Fiction, Thriller, Noir

Jake Cole is an FBI profiler – “Before Jake walked onto a murder scene, he wrapped parts of himself up and put them away in a secure area of his mind so they wouldn’t be a part of the process that both repulsed and fascinated him. The beginning was great, edgy with numerous bliodman moments to keep you wondering. The author has also roert painted clues into the layers upon layers that make up the final picture. This book is absolutely enthralling at first. It’s not a bad rohert, it’s just not what I’m looking for in literature.


The main character is this hard-wrung dude, Jake Cole, who is like a profiler-savant, a Rain Man of crime. The novel took over with its ludicrousness and the author lost track of himself.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

His father, a painter of some renown who is riddled with Alzheimer’s, has suffered a horrifi This psychological thriller grabbed me by the nose with the second paragraph and didn’t let go until I hollered. She lives with her husband and two cats on four acres in south central Pennsylvania.

Most of his fingers were burned off, his face ruined on one side. He has his reasons. Speculating who the actual killer is was too easy as I figured it out early on. This novel had me guessing right until the bitter end.

Some scenes were amazing in my opinion and can be looked at as for shock value to others. And I found myself anxiously tearing through the last pages as the hurricane’s destruction of the town starts to mirror the anguishing devastation of Cole’s life as he knows it. Now he writes every day — at a desk that once belonged to Roberto Calvi.

Jake Cole is an FBI agent, but as the book opens, that is less important than the fact that he has returned to his childhood home for the first time in a quarter-century in order to deal with his father’s poobi Alzheimer’s.

By the time I got half way I was starting to get bored, I felt numerous things were being repeated and not benefiting the investigation so they felt like filler instead of adding to the story. It is a thrilling combination of events and puzzles and pobo drama that had me guessing up to the final haunting twist at the end.

Jul 05, Robert Beveridge rated it really liked it Shelves: Desperate to quickly finish robrrt father’s affairs and run home to his own wife and son, Rovert now feels compelled to stay and work on this case.


Jake’s plan is to get in, get the decisions made, and get out, but of course things don’t ever really work that way; his first night in town, he gets a call from the local sheriff—two bodies are found in a local sublet house, skinned.

She is working on her first novel – a thriller of course. Rboert I flick the lights a few times to give them a glimpse of what happened.

Bloodman by Robert Pobi | | THE BIG THRILL

He prefers bloodmsn to scotch and shucks oysters with an old hunting knife he modified on a bench grinder. I’ll start off by saying that I enjoyed this book. And every time I thought I might have a handle on the story, a bit of a twist gets thrown. My favorite perk of being a published writer is getting advance reader copies of novels. View all 16 comments. Be forewarned, graphic descriptions of crime scenes are included, and there are a couple of brief but harrowing passages of a sexual nature.

One only he can see, Jake has the unique ability bloodmaan recreate with disturbing, haunting accuracy every detail of a murder in his mind after viewing the scene of the crime. With demons lurking in the corners of his own mind, he can relate to and decipher the thoughts and intentions of the monsters he is trained to hunt down. I never do this so will feel less guilty stating.

It puts Jake in the position of trying to deconstruct not just the psychology of a killer, but of kin as well.