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Peter in Clara’s memorial TARDIS (via Bill Rudloff Twitter). Index of known plans for the various TARDIS Props. Brachacki TARDIS ( Original), Peter Brachacki, 1 (William Bill Rudloff: (PDF with dims). I can hook you up with TARDIS building plans for the original Police Box prop. A PICT version for Macs and GIF for Winders. Bill “the Doctor” Rudloff. “I’m known.

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Braving the Ibll crowds for this pic. Recommended Check out our new cool site: Quoted RalphGarman Hope you’re having the happiest of holidays! Inside Tweets Time between tweets:. Dads birthday celebration in a record shop. Choose either the 7: Chris thanks for the link to the Doctor Rick and Clara one.

Jul 4, 1: Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. I downloaded everything needed and it spawned in but there was no interior everything said error and I couldn’t exit my game or quit gary’s mod please help.


Index of known plans for the various TARDIS Props

Garry’s Mod Store Page. Description Discussions 13 Comments Change Notes.

Popular Discussions View All Can anyone help me with this? All trademarks are property of their rudlof owners in the US and other countries. Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald joined the party. Gabeagoo Nov 13 This item has been added to your Favorites. I have been in the doctor who fan base for a long time, and seeing rudpoff mods really warms my heart, but it also hurts to see them not working. See all collections some may be hidden.

DOCTORSGIVING DINNER-Central IL Doctor Who Club 11/17/18

Come end this wretched year with sweet oral from us! So I asked YOU instead. Lucasquare Oct 26 5: Hope you’re having the happiest of holidays! Michael Palin—my favorite Python—is now really a Knight who says “Ni! Thank you for making me feel like I still matter!

I tho it got removed. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Wait, did you hear that? Sign In Create an Account Cancel. The Drunk Turtle Online. I really want to play a show in Antarctica.


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Sorry it took a minute but your photos are ready! This item has been added to your Tradis. Killer Demon Sep 3 6: I even got a few thumbs-ups for the shirt. Is it weird to wear an image of someone you actually know? Hope you all had a fab time.