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Seeds of Rebellion has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders, #2), brandon mullعنوانها: بذرهای شورش؛ بذرهای قیام؛. Seeds of RebellionX by Brandon Mull has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. It is the second book in the ” Beyonders”. Beyonders: A World Without Heroes. Beyonders 2: Seeds of Rebellion. Beyonders 3: Chasing the Prophecy. BEYONDERS: The Complete Set. Click any cover.

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Meanwhile, Rachel and the others have discovered new enemies—as well as new abilities that could turn the tide of the entire quest. Mild, playful flirting and discussion that Corinne is very good looking. Jason and Rachel knew nothing of this world and yet chose to remain to help them. Seeds of Rebellion is the second book in the Beyonders series by Brandon Mull.

Is this book good? Dunia kreatif Mull tentang Lyrian memiliki susunan yang fantastis ras yang unik, dengan sentuhan baru. Terrified, Jason panics, dropping the book and his candle and making a racket.

Beyonders – Brandon Mull

Since Jason was the only one to read the book containing this information, Rachel may opt out. Jason knows oc the shocking truth he learned from Maldor is precious information that all of his friends in Lyrian, including Rachel, need if they have any hope of surviving and defeating the evil emperor.

We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. After discovering the method by which to open the extremely complex lock almost og puzzle guarding the second floor, Jason ventures inside at night.


I’m scared for the third book because I’ve grown to love so many of the characters that I don’t want them to die. It involved Jason, Farfalee, Jasher, Corinne, Nia, Aram and Drake traveling to the Celestine Library to recover information on the last abode of Darian the Seerfinding his abode and retrieving a secret from within.

May 30, Laura rated it liked it Recommends it for: A lot or a little? Which sucks because I’m loving this series and I do enjoy Brandon Mull’s writing and rebelliob building. rebdllion

Seeds of Rebellion berkisah seperti judulnya, yakni tentang benih-benih pemberontakan yang tumbuh di Lyrian selepas kembalinya Jason ke Lyrian dengan terlampau mudah, eniwei dan terkuaknya rahasia besar kata kunci yang dicari-cari orang di buku pertama. But, the storyline wasn’t easy to follow, including the characters. This thing called ‘Life’ happened and is happening, still, and it drove me away from reading; I could barely concentrate or focus whenever I could or had time to read.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better after reading the first book, Mr. All in all, it builds on from the first book, but again–like many others before it–this book suffers from second-book syndrome.

Seeds of Rebellion: Beyonders, Book 2

I will be reading book 3. Luckily, the torivor arrives and frightens them away. Based on 2 reviews. He closes the book, when a seemingly human eye opens out of the cover. Mar 28, Steph reebellion it it was ok Shelves: Brandon Mull certainly has an imagination and I found myself enjoying his creative world. The Loremaster offers Jason food, shelter, and virtually unlimited access to the Repository’s enormous wealth of books as a reward for completing the journey. After wandering a short way, he learns that the group of musicians playing the music that he heard are called the Giddy Beyondegs and that they plan to ride a raft over a nearby waterfall.


Unfortunately there weren’t too many sseeds those. I was a huge fan of Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven and enjoyed his first Beyonders novel. Books by Brandon Mull. Oct 25, Brian Zhou rated it really liked it. Favorit saya adalah Aram, si setengah raksasa yang bertubuh besar dan berotot di malam hari, tapi ceking dan kecil di saat matahari tampak di langit. I read A World Without Heroes at family camp last year. There’s so many characters now that you just sesds to go back and reread after you noticed something vital happened to them–at that point I wasn’t really caring and seds sped-read to insanity, just trying to find a point I could care and liked.

Something I loved about the Fablehaven series beyonedrs Brandon Mull wrote was that the characters and world we Brandon Mull has created an amazing world, and some amazing races. Not in a sense that it put me in a slump and was bad–absolutely not!

Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options All in favor, hold perfectly still. Keep the giants away. Aram spends years working as a bouncer in a nightclub.

Would you trust Ferrin? After that, the Conclave agreed to send a delegation to the Temple of Mianamon to seek a prophecy from the oracle.

There are fantasy races in this book that begonders completely different, and if I’m honest, so different I can’t even picture them. A comment that someone must have eaten their Wheaties.