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Mr Webb spent all weekend on it after a hard slog putting it together but The Basilean Legacy has gone to print and we couldn’t be happier with. We’re working full pace preparing the warehouse for the massive influx of Basileans and to make room so we can pack the remaining rewards. We’re going to. The Basilean Legacy is the first supplement to the Kings of War game and is filled with rules for three potential armies: the Basileans, the.

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The digital Art Book is now done and will be released in the next couple of weeks. A full colour 64 page book, the Basilean Legacy contains baslean of the history, background and rules for the human Basileans and their celestial allies. Arthur – this was a week ago, though.


I’m sure everyone’s extremely busy sorting out production and the 3rd wave shipments – it was only that we didn’t have information on final pricing until a week ago, and my query was about the imminent 3rd wave shipments! I suspect the answer is that they can’t make any changes, and that’s fine they did tell us exactly how many troops we were paying for after all, even if the ‘no command bits included’ was a bit of a shock.


I’ll just avoid buying ‘extras’ from Mantic Kickstarters in the future, since the designs, numbers and pricing have all been shown to change quite a bit from concept bsilean execution. Every day my faith in kickstarter is eroded a little more and my anger at how “some” companies treat Australian customers gets a little closer to boiling point.

Then you guys come out of seemingly nowhere to remind me again that not everyone is like that. Thank you Mantic for keeping us in the loop, thank you for your timely deliveries, thank you for the amazing value that just keeps getting better and thank you for holding yourselves to a standard in this industry that is sooo far above others it is the only thing stopping me from throwing in the towel on wargames entirely.

I’ve decided to stop focusing on the companies that overcharge, misinform and exploit overseas customers and start promoting the ones that don’t.

So from now on you guys are my favorite company and the first one I will recommend.

Mantic Blog

I’ve received no response from Stewart on this from an email sent last Saturday, which seems a bit atypical of Mantic’s normal customer service. Imagine things are a bit frantic right now!


So I will hopefully I will be able to start reading the Bloodstone Cirillion as soon as I finish the book I’m reading. Share this project Done. A fantasy tabletop game with simple, competitive rules basiilean high quality, affordable miniatures. Kings of War by Mantic Games. Posted by Mantic Games Creator.

Comments Only backers can post comments. Adam Fair on August 2, Arthur – this was a week ago, though.

The Basilean Legacy – Mantic Blog

Arthur K on August 2, I thought they said Stewart is in China, so you might not hear from him for a few days. Dixon Butas on August 2, Every day my faith in kickstarter is eroded a little more and my anger at how “some” companies treat Australian customers gets a little closer to boiling point.

Richard Anderson on August 2, eagerly awaiting shipping date news: