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Lab supply | First online laboratory shop, and selling where new features were introduced. practice. Instrumental factor must be checked. Chema Diagnostica will not be responsible for instrumental bad programming. Mindray BAA. Mindray) owns the intellectual property rights to this Mindray product and this manual. This manual may refer to information protected by copyrights or patents.

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Figure Structure of the CPU extension board 4. Introduction of the Modules The hardware system of the BAA is divided into the following modules or boards: Click start and a dialog box notifying the user to shut down lower computer communication mibdray be displayed. The replacement of lamp assembly is shown in the following picture.

BA-88A Semi Auto chemistry Analyzer

Cover Recorder Aspirate button movement lamp switch replacement window Hole for holding flow cell temporarily Enclosure fixing screw Aspirate button hole Enclosure Touchscreen Touch screen supporting board 3. Remove the red ring on the used tubing and install them on the new tubing.

Page 30 After completing the serial port setting, click Enable Para. Do not touch the lamp before it cools down, or you may get burned.

BAA Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer at Rs /piece | Chemistry Analyzers | ID:

Supports bi-chromatic tests for end point, fixed-time, kinetics methods. Page 5 Company Contact Manufacturer: Sectra enters South Korean market by signing digital pathology distribution agreement with HuminTec.

If the optical surface of the flow cell is contaminated, use cloth soaked with certain amount of absolute alcohol to clean it. Find more suppliers in Bengaluru Clinical Analyzer in Bengaluru.


Mindray – BAA Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Base Plate Assembly NOTE If either of the temperature sensor or b-88a board is damaged, both of the two should bz-88a replaced by one assembly at the same time. Mibdray confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription. When replacing the optical components, take care to protect the components. Select the tab Photoele. Pet hospitals mindfay small laboratories are its prime beneficiaries.

External keyboard or mouse support via USB. Lamp Assembly Maintenance of the system, except for replacing the assemblies or components other than lamp assemblies will involve the assembly and disassembly of the photometer assembly as a whole. Figure Lamp assembly structure WARNING If you want to replace the lamp, first switch off the power and then wait at least 15 minutes for the lamp to cool down before touching it.

Install all the boards back and ensure all the connections are well connected; Tubing should be checked irregularly and replaced in time. The logs will record the time, level, code and detailed information of each warning to help user record and search errors.

Safety Precautions Observe theses safety precautions when using the system.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Do not stare into the lamp when the system is in operation. Please service the system strictly as instructed by this manual. Product Specification Automation Grade Manual.

BA 88A Mindray Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Do not use such devices as mobile phones or radio transmitters in the room housing the system. Mindray 7inch touch screen medical biochemistry analyzer BAA Semi-Auto chemistry analyzer price for hospital and lab. Date of Manufacture Manufacturer CE marking. The electromagnetic environment should be evaluated prior to operation of the device.


The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last Please pay attention to the following: Stefan Burkart leaves Entscheiderfabrik The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last Page 10 Preventing Personal Injury Caused by Photometer Lamp Please observe the following instructions to prevent personal injury caused mibdray photometer lamp.

The system is an analyzer designed for in vitro quantitative determination of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine and CSF samples. Microplate washer MWA Mindray. It will take about 15 minutes for the system to initialize, then the interface to detect the upgrading program on the U disk will be displayed. Page 65 Locate the position where the peristaltic pump is installed.

Nihon Kohden Cell Counter. Instrument Configuration Instrument Configuration Wavelengths: Dispose of them in accordance with your local or national guidelines for biohazard waste disposal and consult the manufacturer or distributor of the reagents for details. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Bs-88a Flow cell assembly structure 3.