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Sir Henry Rider Haggard, ( – ), known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 68 by H. Rider Haggard. Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard. No cover available. Hard on twenty years have gone by since that night of Leo’s vision — the most awful years, perhaps, which were ever endured by men.

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Leo presses Ayesha to marry him without delay, but she is unwilling, insisting they must wait.

I was disappointed that the ‘loyal wife’ of book one is now supposed to be as rotten as She-Who-Needs-Told-Off. The battle was excellent though, and the supernatural elements were just creepy enough to satisfy.

Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard – Free Ebook

We were heart-broken, we were in despair. Yet this book improves drastically when Ayesha finally returns in all of her glory.

Many people will have a hard time fitting their mind into that box. If you’re a fan of Ayesha, and I am, this is enjoyable though.

I also enjoyed the uncertainty of just where this story was going, of what Ayesha would do, and the tension this created. Ayesha was borrowed from Arabicbeing traditionally one of Mohammed’s wives ‘ names; a note by Haggard indicates that it should be pronounced “Assha” ; [1] Hes is an alternative name for Isis. Chapter 1 The Double Sign.

Return to Book Page. The thing that I did like was the Asian setting, I was expecting to find it poorly done but Haggard’s interpretation of H.rrider wasn’t that bad. The distraught Hse takes Leo’s body to the temple on the peak, where the flames rise up from the crater and consume their bodies.


When the Buddhist monk talks to Leo – who is inflamed with passion and obsession for Ayesha – about the dangers of material and emotional distractions from the path to enlightenment.

Atene seems prepared to risk war, but her husband Rassen helps Professor Holly and Leo sneak out of Kaloon at midnight – only to try and kill them. Here is where you find links to related content on this site or other sites, possibly including full books or essays about H.

Atene declares her love for Leo, but the jealous and dissolute Rassen who has been driven mad by the sorcery of Atene and her uncle, the returm Simbri wants to kill them.

What I would really have liked was more of the 16 years of travel, and less of the daily life in the College of Hess. I did enjoy this though found it not quite as good as She. We learn a bit more about Ayesha, and the magic she has. Refresh and try again.

Ayesha (novel) – Wikipedia

The sequel to She, this is quite a long read and i regurn expecting a lot of messing about before getting to the main plot this wasn’t the case however, it jumped quite quickly into the action and there really isn’t any wasted pages. This adventure goes one step further, though, by also throwing in ghosts and mind control.

The real story doesn’t start when he is searching for Ayesha for years but when they meet and try to decide what next! Although greatly outnumbered, she leads her men into battle, and when the two armies meet Ayesha reveals her power over the elements, summoning up bg terrible lightning storm.


It’s made me curious about the Egyption mythogology on which the story is evidently based. Then I pleaded with him, though with little hope, for I saw that what I had feared for long was come to pass. Down it sank, and down and down, till it was but just above me, and I perceived that it was shaped like a tongue or fan of flame.

Then as though melted by those fiery arrows, the centre of the excrescence above the pillar thinned out and vanished, leaving an enormous loop of inky cloud.

Intentionally so, and with spectacular results. For years they have been convinced that Ayesha, the Sorceress-Queen of Kor and Leo’s lover in a previous lifetime, did not die in the events of the first novel.

Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard

Want to H.rieer saving…. Rider Haggard, and hope to find more someday although I saw that they re-released three books in the Ayesha series just last year.

In the book’s prologue, the book’s anonymous “Editor” receives a parcel. Ayesha is not as well-plotted, nor as exciting, as She. The Return of She She 2 by H.

No, I cannot bear it. Do you suggest that Ayesha is re-incarnated in Central Asia — as a female Grand Lama or something of that sort?