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Find great deals for AKG DSR Digital Wireless Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Buy AKG DSR Digital Tru-Diversity Receiver featuring Digital True-Diversity Receiver, MHz Ultra-Wide Frequency Range 40 Intermodulation-Free. The AKG DSR V2 Digital Wireless Stationary Receiver offers two channels and an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to MHz for reliable operation with great.

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We want a wireless system that sounds good, is easy to use and doesn’t drop out in the middle of a show. Another cool thing is the inclusion of some dbx algorithms for compression and limiting and — using the optional Ethernet hub — the ability to control it all via Harman’s HiQNet system from a laptop, or even an iPhone. What I noticed was that as I switched to a singing voice, the low end tapered off and it became a little rough around 2KHz, although it was dwr smoothed out with EQ.

About four years ago, Xwire founder Guy Coker emerged from non-compete exile and started X2 Digital Wireless, which did the guitar thing again and moved quickly into a handheld mic product.

Onboard EQ, compression and limiting, easy to set up and use.

AKG Debuts Latest DMS700 V2 System, DMS700 Hardware & Software Upgrade At Infocomm 2011

Yes, 1, bucks for a receiver is a lot. The system has very wide MHz operating range, which makes finding an open channel very easy. Although systems from Lectrosonics and Telex have included encryption in their digital systems in the past, the inclusion of it in the DMS makes this product available to a sector of the market usually reserved for specialized systems. Merely based on construction, I will qualify it good RF.

The receiver is designed to deliver dependable, high-quality digital audio with quick and easy operation, and with a bandwidth of up to MHz, it gives the user the necessary flexibility for even a very crowded radio environment.

Reviews 0 Write a review. With such a modest price tag, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Dsd Wireless is the nom de plume of a long-time RF geek devoted to better entertainment wireless system practices the world over.

As I said, wireless is one place where, generally, you get what you pay for. It scans the receiver’s entire frequency band for active radio frequencies and displays the spectrum. Tru-Diversity reception features dual receivers vying for the highest possible audio signal, thereby reducing drop-out, RF and more. Another feature that is appearing on the horizon for agk is the Ethernet connection so that control of the receiver can be executed as dsd of a PC network.


Other posts by Mike Wireless: And as with most of the reviews I procrastinate on, I wish that I had done it sooner, because I usually find myself pleasantly surprised. You can purchase the system with either the D5 dynamic, D7 dynamic or a C5 condenser capsules. I used it equally on singing and spoken word. Digital transmission and encryption allow you to transmit sensitive audio with confidence, and AKGs bit audio resolution offers the highest security for applications in courtrooms, boardrooms and other confidential meeting applications.

AKG DSR Digital Tru-Diversity Receiver H B&H Photo

Have something to say about this PSW content? One of the selling points is a rsr wide operating range — from the mid to the high MHz range. A number of manufacturers have introduced new wireless microphone systems in the past two years — many of them in response to the changes in the RF spectrum brought about by the FCC.

On the microphone end, I was also pleased. That technology was bought out and kind of disappeared. As of June 12, all of that cool 70 stuff operating in the MHz range that cost you a small fortune became spare parts at best. The environment scan converts the DSR V2 into a spectrum analyzer. You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this drop-ship order. RF power can also affect battery drain, so in cases where long battery life is needed, such as more rurally located churches where high power is not helpful, a 10 mW setting can be perfect.

As I crack open the box, I find a fairly sexy-looking 2-channel single rack space unit paired with a handheld and a bodypack.

AKG DSR 700 Digital Wireless Receiver

As a result, I thought it would be interesting to provide an in-depth look at a number of these recently introduced systems, beginning here with the AKG DMS digital wireless system, which was announced at Aakg in January of this year. Digital true-diversity receiver with 19″ all-metal case Bit signal encryption prevents unintended signal reception for sensitive applications Ultra-wide tuning range of MHz Quick setup akkg, spectrum analyzer and rehearsal functions for easy 7000 Infrared link of all frequency and setup data to the transmitter Transmitter batteries status monitoring Low-cut filter, 3-band Equalizer, dbx Compressor and dbx Limiter included Integration into a HiQnet system with optional HUB Q.


Connector for optional HUBQ for remote computer control. Write a review fzyrzyeqswtwywyrryebvryztwatv. So to have flat response down to 25 Hz is the domain of digital-only systems. This very 070 tuning range allows up to channels to be in use simultaneously. See any errors on this page? A company called Xwire was selling digital guitar wireless back in the s.

Special Order Update Location close.

But a closer look showed that what I thought was the price of the system is the price of the receiver — which puts a whole different spin on things. How many MHz units do you have to replace? DPT bodypack transmitter click to enlarge. But in theory, a digital system would not suffer from this noise issue. The cost aspect makes dst even more attractive in terms of the sheer variety of features coupled with the level of performance offered by AKG in the DMS system.

The transmitters appear to be alg standard size and shape from the outside, but also have some less commonly-seen features. I have one of these in the shop this week for a trade show we are doing on the Bayfront in here Amg Diego. Your email address will not be published.

AKG DMS Digital Wireless « FOH | Front of House Magazine

I’ve seen the system in use on the road, but was not able to test the network ability due to my lack of having AKG’s HUB at ddr disposal. The DSR features a large LCD display and a host of user friendly features that include infrared transmitter link for quick setup, environment scan spectrum analysis, EQ and filter processing, HiQnet integration rsr remote monitoring via an iPhone app. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Sennheiser and Shure have started doing this as well, and we can expect other manufacturers to follow suit.

The system has an onboard spectrum scanner that easily found “clean” channels in my area. Digital wireless is not really new. One thing that I found extremely 70 was that the system has an onboard, low-cut, 3-band EQ, dbx compressor and dbx limiter built in. Selectable frequency in 25 kHz steps.