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Shawn Hedman’s A First Course in Logic (OUP, pp. xx+) is subtitled ‘An Introduction to Model Theory, Proof Theory, Computability and Complexity’. A First Course in Logic. An introduction to model theory, proof theory, computability, and complexity. SHAWN HEDMAN. Department of Mathematics, Florida. Shawn Hedman. A First Course in Logic: An introduction to model theory, proof theory, computability, and complexity. Oxford Texts in Logic 1. Oxford University.

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So — heavens above! Sadly, the following Ch. The last two chapters ratchet up the difficulty again. Readers are given an introduction to the idea of types, atomic models, homogeneous models, prime models, countable saturated models and monster models. In spite of its title, this textbook covers a lot of ground, particularly in the area of model theory.

Properties of First-Order Logic 5. Back to Math Logic book pages. Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 13 4: Chapter 4 begins with a proof of completeness for countable languages, following the method of Henkin. NP question left as an open problem for the reader. The Mathematical World of Charles L. The first chapter is an efficient introduction to propositional logic, going as far as proofs of completeness and compactness.

Even covering a small fraction of the material was difficult for the less well trained students, though the more mathematically sophisticated students did better. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. The Logical Must Penelope Maddy. Which is followed by a particularly clear introduction to ideas about computational complexity, leading up to the fjrst of NP -completeness.

As this summary of the book should make clear, Hedman covers an enormous quan- tity of material in his text — the coverage of model theory in particular is unusually broad. An uneven book in coverage too. Request removal from index. No keywords specified fix it. Chapter 6 completes the mini-course firwt model theory pro- vided by Chapters 4, 5 and 6.


Composition as Identity Aaron J. On the negative side, we could certainly quibble that Hedman is a bit murky about object-language vs meta-language niceties. Sign in to use this feature. Find it on Scholar.

A First Course in Logic: Beginners doing a first course in logic will again find this tough going. The first deductive system offered is an extension of the bastardized sequent calculus for propositional logic, and hence is equally courwe.

Wilfrid Hodges – – In Leila Haaparanta ed. Overview Firdt Table of Contents. Quantifier elimination, model-completeness and minimal theories are also discussed. Chapter 2 covers structures and hfdman semantics of first order logic, with numerous useful examples, including relational databases.

Models of Countable Theories 7. Introduction to Computability Theory. Skolem normal form, Herbrand universes, unification and resolution for first order logic make up the bulk of the chapter, which concludes with a brief discussion of the i language Prolog. The discussions seem quite well done, and will be accessible to an enthusiast with an introductory background e.

Oxford Texts in Logic 1. Logic and Philosophy of Logic categorize this paper. Computability and Complexity 8. This gives Hedman a completeness proof for derivations in his original calculus with a finite number of premisses, and he gives a compactness proof to beef this up to a proof of strong completeness.

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A First Course in Logic – Paperback – Shawn Hedman – Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. The general theorem for arbitrary languages is proved later, by a transfinite Henkin construction; as preparation, a brief introduction to set the- ory and cardinal arithmetic is included. Unusual features here are, first, the inclu- sion of the resolution method and secondly, a proof that the satisfiability problem for Horn formulas is solvable in polynomial time.


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A First Course in Logic

Covering propositional logic, first-order logic, and second-order logic, as well as proof theory, couree theory, and model theory, the text also contains numerous carefully graded exercises and is ideal for a first or refresher course. Primitive recursive functions are introduced, and general recursive functions are then defined by employ- ing an unbounded search operator.

Choose your country or region Close. Skip to main content. The ability to reason and think in a logical manner forms the basis of learning for most mathematics, computer science, philosophy and logic students. Reviewed by Alasdair Urquhart.

It begins with a well done review of the standard material on primitive recursive functions, recursive functions, computing machines, semi-decidable decision problems, undecidable decision problems. A First Course in Logic An Introduction to Model Theory, Proof Theory, Computability, and Complexity Shawn Hedman Oxford Texts in Logic Extensive coverage of the basics of classical logic Extremely clear, thorough and accurate Ideal textbook for a first or refresher course Contains numerous exercises Aimed at a broad audience from students of computer science through mathematics, logic and philosophy.

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