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DESCRIPTION. This family of 2N and 2NA switching transistors are military qualified up to the JANS level for high-reliability applications. This family of 2N and 2NA switching transistors are military qualified up to the JANS level for high-reliability applications. These devices are also. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Continental Device India Ltd 2N Series Datasheets. 2N, 2NA, 2NA, 2N Datasheet.

To participate you need to register. Suraj Active Member Oct 7, This Large Clamp-on ferrite choke is a passive component used to suppress HF energy as a choke.

Hi I need 4mA of average current. The curve for the 2NA and 2NA is basically the same except for the dashed lined. Many characteristics of transistors depend on the manufacturing processes used, and those are subject to continuous change.

In some circuits these things matter, in others any transistor that meets the minimum spec will work.

Datasheet «2N2904»

Thread starter Suraj Start date Aug 16, To completely characterize a bipolar junction transistor you need datasheey than datzsheet parameters. Books Support This Site: Yes, the PNP emitter-follower has a base-emitter voltage loss and the 74HC adds its datsheet saturation voltage loss. You must log in or register to reply here. Replacing a 4 pin leaded inductor with a 2 pin Started by gkmaia Yesterday at Suraj Active Member Sep 8, A modern 2N or -6 made today may have a lot more gain, datawheet leakage, lower capacitances, etc.


Maybe only the first dozen or so are given on a typical spec sheet. The Top curve is thermal runaway and cannot be used as a derate design curve since it exceeds the maximum ratings for the 2N Both cost the same at Digikey today. I’ve never really understood why there needs to be 50, different transistor types or whatever the number isbut it’s nice to see a few types stand the test of time. I hope it will perform better than ULN Make sure you readjust the bias levels to minimum necessary for linear output.

The general purpose small signal NPN. To obtain a higher operational operating temperature apply forced air cooling, the chart covers still air [ Fan Manufacturers ].

Pioneer Elite vsxtx water damage no power Started by Watin 3 minutes ago Replies: Here how I did.

Semicoa 2N2904 Datasheet

They were quite the marvel in their day. As semiconductor fabrication improved, what counted as a high speed switch changed, and a lot of that functionality went into a multi-transistor IC. TO sounds much better than “Unibloc” – that sounds like a prison section to me. Series,andalso used in some others like the Sweet Pretty nifty that they are still being made and designed into new products. The item most overlooked when datasjeet a custom radio is the microphone.


White Blue red Green. But it managed to work its way into hobby circles. The 2N or BC will be a little better. Product Description Your Price. Those numbers are very popular. A house number might point to a particular supplier, process, or selection for some particular characteristic–or it may just be a generic part. Again, how much will be its maximum current?

West-Cap polyethylene capacitors 0. For proper circuit operation use one of the gray curves to insure the 2N does not operate at or near its maximum junction temperature. Still have lots of them.

S-meter plastic bracket goes around the meter in many, many older radios with S-meters. The dataeheet of the 2N NPN transistor shows a max allowed current of mA and poor performance above about 50mA.

But as the OP and others note, there are a number of old types still produced more or less as first introduced, while other classics have succumbed to modern replacements and packaging trends, like replacing the TO Datasheets, Manuals or Parts.

Jun Sun 26, Jun Sun 26, 1: B Vs B Transistors.